Bird, Blooms, and Butterfly Puzzles for Winter Days

Jill Staake

The weather forecast here in Tampa calls for a cool and rainy weekend. The gardener in me is glad for the much-needed rain at this time of year, but I miss being able to get outside. Luckily, one of my favorite Christmas presents is sitting on my desk, waiting for me to have a few free hours – this gorgeous butterfly puzzle from Paper House. I love putting together beautiful wildlife puzzles, then gluing them together and sometimes framing them for display in my house.

There are a lot of really beautiful jigsaw puzzles out there for those who love butterflies, birds, and blooms. Here are some of my favorites – click the links to get more information on where to buy if you’re interested.

 Woodpeckers (1000 pieces from White Mountain Puzzles)

Birds of the Backyard (White Mountain Puzzles)

Butterflies and Moths (1000 pieces from Bits and Pieces)

Ladybug Garden (Available in 300 and 750 pieces from Bits and Pieces)

Birds and Blooms of the USA (Available in 300 and 750 pieces)

Feathered Trio (Available in 300 and 750 pieces from Bits and Pieces)

Do you have a favorite bird, blooms, or butterfly puzzle we’ve missed? Drop the link into the comments below.

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