12 Mini Planters to Suit Any Decorating Style

Updated: Nov. 30, 2022

Add some flair to your home with mini planters. From sloths to ferris wheels, we found small planters for every succulent.

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Even if you don’t have a lot of room for house plants, succulents and air plants fit just about anywhere. They’re easy to care for, and fun to tuck into all sorts of mini planters. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite small planters, with something for just about everyone.

1. Owl Mini Planters

mini plantersVia Merchant

Whooo needs these adorable owl planters? You do! Line them up as a group on a windowsill or spread them around wherever your house needs a pretty little plant.

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2. Hedgehog with Glasses Planter

Mini Planters HedgehogVia Amazon.com

This heavyweight hedgehog planter makes any indoor plant look super smart. If you like the look, there’s a whole line of glasses-wearing woodland creatures planters available, including frogs, owls, and pigs.

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3. Modern Geometric Ceramic Pots

811ritns0kl. Ac Sl1500 Via Amazon.com

If your decorating style is more modern than rustic or traditional, check out these geometric mini planters. The trio can be arranged in a variety of pleasing ways, or used separately around your home. If you prefer pastel colors, there is also a pink, yellow and blue set available.

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4. Hanging Glass Mini Planters

Geometric Hanging PlantersVia Amazon

These clear glass, geometric-shaped terrariums would be terrific containers for succulents or air plants. Or add a fairy and other decorative items for an adorable mini fairy garden. They’re not watertight, so watering by spray bottle is recommended.

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5. Ferris Wheel Planter

Screen Shot 2021 10 18 At 3.05.03 PmVia Amazon.com

Take your succulents for a spin with this unique mini planter. Six small pots hold your favorite plants in a whimsical ferris wheel display. You could also use this as a holder to organize small jewelry items or other trinkets. Choose from black or gold.

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Psst—this clear succulent looks exactly like raindrops.

6. Coconut Fiber Dinosaur Planter

Coconut Fiber Dinosaur PlanterVia Uncommongoods.com

Looking for a whimsical gift idea? Place a houseplant or a few succulents into one of these adorable handmade mini dinosaur planters. Or better yet, group all three together for maximum dinosaur fun.

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7. Driftwood Planter

Mini Planters Wood LogVia Amazon.com

More durable than real wood, this concrete planter only looks like a piece of driftwood that washed up on the beach. It’s giving us major mermaid vibes, and it’s big enough to hold an arrangement of small succulents or hold one larger plant.

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8. Hanging Sloth Planter

sloth planterVia Merchant

Sloths move so slowly that some actually grow moths on their backs, but this cute little planter will cradle your favorite air plant or succulent in his belly instead! Hang it from a hook near a sunny window.

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9. Hanging Pots Mini Planters

Mini Planters Hanging PotsVia Wayfair.com

Show off a whole collection of succulents with these hanging mini planters. This is a great way to keep plants up and out of the way of your pets’ little paws or your children’s little hands.

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10. Octopus Planter

Il 1588xn.2806930039 3ap9Via Etsy.com

This funky little octopus splashed out of the ocean for a new job—holding an air plant or small succulent. Choose from multiple colors (teal, white, purple and black); each planter is 3D printed.

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11. Elephant Mini Planters

elephant planterVia Amazon.com

Love elephants? These mini planters are for you! Choose from red or blue, or put them together as a set, holding several succulents or other small plants from your collection.

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12. Crescent Moon Celestial Planter

moon planterVia Merchant

If you love star gazing and enjoy looking for constellations and the phases of the moon, add a celestial moon-shaped planter to your home. Pair a few together for a little indoor moon garden!

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