The Cutest Birds in America

The votes are in—see if your favorite bird made our list of the cutest birds in America, then get the birding basics to attract them to your yard.

How do you define cute? If you think about it, it’s rather subjective. What one person thinks is cute, another might not find attractive at all. So “cute,” in and of itself, is tricky, but now add the complication of trying to define cute birds. You’re sure to have all sorts of opinions!

Now, we wouldn’t dream of identifying the cutest birds in America all on our own. So we put together an online poll and asked you, the readers, to vote for the cutest, prettiest, best-looking birds in America. Take a look at the Top 10 results. You’ll also want to see the write-in winner that we accidentally left off the ballot!

#3: Snowy owl

It was hard to decide which owl to put on the nomination list, but the snowy owl claimed an impressive third place. Not bad for a bird that barely makes it into the lower 48 states! In winter, this owl looks like a big puffy cotton ball with flecks of black. If you’re lucky enough to live in or visit someplace where the snowies have gone for winter, look for them perched atop buildings and other structures in open areas so they can search for food. They even have a reputation for frequenting the open fields at airports.

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  1. Eleanor Prugh says

    From where I sit it’s the tufted titmouse … especially if you want cute. Cute and gorgeous are not the same thing.

  2. Pam Morris says

    I agree that the cutest is the chickadee. I cannot look at one without smiling and feeling a warm spot in my heart.

  3. Barbra says

    I agree, chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches are at the top of the cute list; other more colorful birds are just beautiful.

  4. Lynda Hiles says

    My very favorite is the chickadee! My garden is always full of them, winter or summer. They even come when I call them.

  5. Tom DeCarlo says

    chickadee it is. I lived in south Jersey and they were always in my feeders. Moved to central Florida and don’t see them here. I do miss them. Also the red-breasted nuthatch

  6. Babs says

    I love cardinals more than any other bird but to me the cutest is the homely woodstork. I just love those guys.

  7. Linda Jameson says

    Yes I agree. These birds are not the cutest. How can you say a Bald Eagle is cute? Cute in the bird world implies small. Have you ever seen a young bush tit. Now that’s cute.

  8. says

    I thought the same things as did so many others. The Black-Capped Chickadee and the Tufted Titmouse are simply adorable, and they tend to fly together as well. So is the White-Breasted Nuthatch! I’m amazed (and dismayed) that they are not on this list.

  9. Liz Lawless says

    I agree the big birds are majestic. The little guys are the cutest! All Hummingbirds top my list but also black topped Chickadees, Oregon Juncos, all Finches especially Gold Finches

  10. birder beth says

    You forgot the very cute snowy egret. I am lucky to have some of these jokesters in my backyard. They are cute and they know it!

  11. Michelle says

    I am with everyone else…love the Chickadees, White Breasted Nuthatcher (crack me up with their neh-neh-neh sounds) and the Titmouse. They are ‘cute’ birds. Also love the Eastern Blue Bird and the Rufus sided Towhee (now known as the Eastern Towhee). Can’t leave out the Pileated Woodpecker, as their calls make me laugh every time!

  12. Michelle says

    I am with everyone else…love the Chickadees, White Breasted Nuthatcher (crack me up with their neh-neh-neh sounds) and the Titmouse. They are ‘cute’ birds. Also love the Eastern Blue Bird and the Rufus sided Towhee (now known as the Eastern Towhee). Can’t leave out the Pileated Woodpecker, as their calls make me laugh every time!

  13. Don & Kate says

    Other comments already netioned chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches, which we agree should be on the list. So we’ll have to add the petite chipping sparrow, always a welcome sign of spring.

  14. MCB says

    I agree that the chosen birds are beautiful not cute. No one has mentioned a cute baby owl! But then maybe baby dose not count???

  15. Michel says

    When I am sitting in my car at a local hamburger drive-through, there are bushes right in front of the car, and I LOVE it as the ‘gang’ of tiny birds will WHIP UP to the top, look around quickly for any discarded ‘goodies’ to swoop in on, then it’s, “QUICK!!! BACK TO THE BUSH” with any human activity seen by the lookout. And to hear then fussing in the bushes is so fun. I believe they are the chickadees.

  16. says

    Oh Michelle, I am afraid that what you are seeing are house sparrows, not native to the US at all. They are actually very mean birds, they kill our native birds, a horde of them can clean out a full feeder in one afternoon, and will leave nothing behind for anything else. They are very plain brown, black and white birds, and the males even look mean. Black Capped Chicadees are tiny little puffs of black and white. They will fly to a feeder, grab a seed or a nut, and take it to a tree or somewhere else to eat it,allowing other birds to also eat. The titmouse does the same thing. They are not greedy and are oh so willing to share. They even warn everything within earshot of danger from cats, birds of prey, just anything. I started out with simple seed feeders then soon learned the good birds from the bad. It takes a long time to learn their habits. House sparrows are very bad news. They are usually the ones you will find flying around in Home Depot, Lowe’s, or even Walmart, and also the ones you find flocking around fast food restaurants. Birds are fascinating, take some extra time to learn about them, and they will fascinate you for the rest of your days :)

    • lkalliancelkalliance says

      I didn’t see house sparrows at my feeders until I added peanuts…and especially after I hung a suet cage. I see them lots now, though I would not say that they clean me out at all. Red-winged blackbirds eat a lot of my seed, and chase other birds away aggressively.

  17. Amanda says

    I agree with the others about the Chickadee being the cutest and some of the birds being beautiful and majestic. What, no woodpeckers?

  18. Rita says

    I am pleased to see I am not alone in disagreeing with the poll results. The bald eagle could be described as majestic, certainly, but hardly cute. The Cedar Waxwing is sleek, but not cute. I agree with the Tufter Titmouse and Chickadee (we had Black-capped up north and now Carolina here in Florida). I’d also have to add the Carolina Wren. C-U-T-E!

  19. Jere says

    Snowy Owls and Bald Eagles are totally ‘cool’ but far from cute? We central New Yorkers now get to see the resurgent Bald Eagles Year round @ Montezuma! At 67, I ‘ve only seen 2 Snowy Owls.
    My favorite is my cute Eastern Bluebirds, in my younger years these too were rare in NY. Over the past 5-6 years I have 2-3 families each year! In my mind 8-10 Cardinals @ the feeder in the snow are beautiful but 3-4 electric Bluebird males flitting in the morning dew are both beautiful and CUTE! Hands down THe Cutest!

  20. B Meyer says

    I enjoy most birds and find many are cute. Love the house finches that talk to me, they really do in their language of course. Hummers I enjoy…only one I worry about is a coopers hawk who has killed some birds and rabbits. I really watch my pets when that hawk is around!!

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