Birding Basics

Thinking of taking up birding as a hobby? These birding basics and tips on birding for beginners will get you started.

Decoding Mixed Winter Flock Behavior

Decoding Mixed Winter Flock Behavior

Discover why some birds travel with other species during the winter months and get the birding basics to spotting mixed flock behavior for yourself.

Love is in the Air: Bird Courtship Rituals | Birds & Blooms Magazine

Love is in the Air: Bird Courtship Rituals

When it comes to courtship, birds pull out all the stops, using elaborate displays to attract a potential mate and outdo the competition. Each species tackles this very important task differently. Here are some courtly behaviors to look for this spring.

Birding Basics to Bird-Watching by Habitat

Bird Watching by Habitat

Learn the birding basics to why understanding specific habitats can help you identify the birds that live there.

Birding Basics: 9 Binocular Favorites

Birding Basics: 10 Binocular Favorites

Before you hit the road to go bird-watching, make sure you’ve got a great pair of bins. Our editors help narrow down the search with ten of our favorites.

The Most Common Birds Of North America: Red-winged blackbirds

The Most Common Birds Of North America

Rare birds get a lot of attention these days, but common birds are important too! Discover North America’s most abundant birds and learn the birding basics of these winged survivalists.

Birding Basics to Camouflaged Birds: Willow ptarmigan in winter

Birding Basics to Camouflaged Birds

Many camouflaged birds blend in with the background for their own survival—but you can spot them with the birding basics of how and where to look.

Birding Basics: The indigo bunting is one of the most gorgeous summer birds in the East.

Birding Basics to Indigo Buntings

The indigo bunting is one of the most gorgeous summer birds in the East. Learn the birding basics of how to welcome these popular fliers to your area.

Identifying Birds by Their Song | Birds & Blooms

Identifying Birds by Their Song

Did you know that simply hearing a bird counts as an ID? For visually impaired people who are beginning birding, bird calls are a natural place to start.

BORN IN A BARN Barn swallows (pictured here) are the most abundant swallows in the world. These songbirds used to nest in caves, but now build their nests in the eaves of barns and other structures.

Swallows: The Songbirds of the Sky

Swallows spend much of their time in the wild blue yonder. Learn the birding basics of where to spot these colorful songbirds when they come down to earth.

Planting a garden, even in containers, provides shelter and food for birds. Goldfinches (shown here) are among the birds you can attract with plants.

Backyard Birding in Small Spaces

With a little planning and some bird feeding basics from our experts you can attract birds to backyard—no matter where you live or how big your space.

Rufous hummingbird among red-flowered currants

The Truth About Hummingbird Banding

You always hear about the banding of songbirds and raptors, but rarely about hummingbird banding. Turns out that it’s an extremely specialized activity.

Birdhouse Guidelines

Birdhouse Guidelines

Just as habitat matters, so does the birdhouse. Make sure you’re offering the right size birdhouse for the bird you want to attract.

The Cutest Birds in America

The Cutest Birds in America

The votes are in—see if your favorite bird made our list of the cutest birds in America, then get the birding basics to attract them to your yard.


Helping Birds in Winter

Learn how birds in winter are battling and surviving in extreme conditions, and find out what you can do to help.

How to Attract Orioles

How to Attract Orioles

The early bird gets the worm when it comes to attracting orioles to your backyard. Find out more about the oriole family and how to bring them to your yard.

winter birds

Winter Birds Myths and Facts

Some folks worry winter birds will freeze on cold nights or in bird baths. Our expert has the bird facts to answer these questions.

Bird Behavior

Bird Behavior: Caching Food

You see birds carrying seeds off from feeders to store them – but where do they go, and how do they find them again?

Bird Behavior

Cooperative Bird Behavior

Don’t underestimate the ability of birds to work as a team for survival, nest building, and feeding.

Spring Birds

The Best Moments of Spring Birds

Spring can seem a long way off, until you see the first wren gathering nest material. See our other favorite spring birds moments.

bird bath winter

Bird Bath Tips for Winter Birds

Winter birds need water too, but bird baths often freeze over. Get cost-saving tips for offering water to birds during cold weather.

bird diseases

Wild Bird Diseases

Seeing sick birds at your feeder can be a concern. Learn what diseases affect wild birds and how you can help.

Why Do Birds Sing? | Birds & Blooms Magazine

Why Do Birds Sing?

Bird songs are plentiful during the spring, but just why do birds sing? Find out from our bird expert.