Quiz: How Many Shorebirds Can You Identify?

Updated: Jan. 26, 2024

How many shorebirds can you name? Put your shorebird identification skills to the test with this fun photo quiz.

Most birdwatchers can identify common backyard birds. But you’re not alone if shorebirds trip you up. How many of these waders can you identify? Put your shorebird identification skills to the test with this quiz.

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1. Small Threatened Shorebird

Piping ploverCourtesy Chuck Gloman

Answer: Piping Plover

Look for plover birds both on (and off) the shore.

2. The Loner of the Group

solitary sandpiperCourtesy Cassidy Plagman

Answer: Solitary Sandpiper

3. Beachcomber With a Bright Bill

16 Kieranbarlow Bbxnov23Courtesy Kieran Barlow

Answer: American Oystercatcher

4. Secretive Swamp Bird

Wilson's snipeCourtesy Nancy Brown

Answer: Wilson’s Snipe

We love these swamp birds! Learn more about how to identify the American woodcock and Wilson’s Snipe.

5. Patterned Plumage

Spotted sandpiperCourtesy Nancy Jones

Answer: Spotted Sandpiper

6. Coastal Shorebird

Willet birdCourtesy Dani Toussaint

Answer: Willet

Want to see more beach birds and coastal fliers? Discover the best beach birding locations.

7. Rosy Pink Legs

black necked stiltCourtesy Jean Oedewaldt

Answer: Black-necked Stilt

8. The Ground-Nester

16 Richardcarlson Bbxnov23Courtesy Richard Carlson

Answer: Killdeer

Here’s everything you need to know about a killdeer bird.

9. Long-Distance Migrant

16 Trishasnider Bbxnov23Courtesy Trisha Snider

Answer: Dunlin

10. Graceful and Elegant

16 Meganmigues Bbxnov23Courtesy Megan Migues

Answer: American Avocet

11. Songbird Sized Shorebird

16 Debbieparker Bbxnov23Courtesy Debbie Parker

Answer: Semipalmated Plover

12. Long and Lanky

16 Joshuacotten Bbxnov23Courtesy Joshua Cotten

Answer: Lesser Yellowlegs

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