Quiz: How Many Shorebirds Can You Identify?

How many shorebirds can you name? Put your bird identification skills to the test with this shorebird quiz.

Most birdwatchers can identify common backyard birds. But you’re not alone if shorebirds trip you up. How many of these waders can you identify? Put your bird ID skills to the test with this quiz. Here’s a hint. Four of these shorebirds are in the sandpiper family.

Piping ploverCourtesy Chuck Gloman

Answer: Piping Plover

solitary sandpiperCourtesy Cassidy Plagman

Answer: Solitary Sandpiper

American oystercatcherCourtesy Kate Luongo

Answer: American Oystercatcher

Wilson's snipeCourtesy Nancy Brown

Answer: Wilson’s Snipe

Spotted sandpiperCourtesy Nancy Jones

Answer: Spotted Sandpiper

Willet birdCourtesy Dani Toussaint

Answer: Willet

black necked stiltCourtesy Jean Oedewaldt

Answer: Black-necked Stilt

kildeer birdCourtesy Ronald Clark

Answer: Kildeer

Kaitlin Stainbrook
Kaitlin Stainbrook, Associate Editor, Birds & Blooms Although Kaitlin is a newbie when it comes to birding and gardening, she loves getting to learn on the job. (She's already impressed a few friends by being able to identify a couple songbirds!) Previously, she worked on other Reader's Digest magazines like Reminisce and Country Woman. Hidden talents include playing the ukulele and speaking Japanese.