Birding Basics

Thinking of taking up birding as a hobby? These birding basics and tips on birding for beginners will get you started.

Backyard Citizen Science for Nature Lovers

Count birds, report caterpillars, plan a habitat... there's something for every nature lover to enjoy with these backyard citizen science...

Get Started with Birdhouses

Create safe and cozy spaces for birds to raise their families.

Baking the Bird Cookies of North America

Would you try baking detailed and accurate bird cookies of every species in the field guide? Sarah MacLean is taking...

Bird Mimics and Mimicry: Three Birds to Know

Tune in to the copycat songs of mockingbirds, catbirds and thrashers.

5 Birding Apps to Give Your Skills a Boost

You never leave home without your phone, so install these birding apps and you'll have guides, checklists, and more at...

Bird Irruption: A Sudden Surge of Birds

Keep a close eye on your feeders this winter. Hungry, nomadic birds from the far north may make an unexpected...

Ask the Experts: Do Birds Get Dependent on Feeders?

Do backyard birds become overly dependent on bird feeders for food? Find out the answer from our birding experts.

Ask the Bird Experts: How Do I Stop Sugar-Water From Freezing in Winter?

Our bird experts share how to keep sugar-water from freezing, identify a mystery bird, and more!

Seasonal Changes in Bird Behaviors

This past week was an exciting one here in Tampa. After months of oppressive heat and humidity, the first cold

Ask the Bird Experts: Is It Titmouses or Titmice?

Our bird experts explain titmouses/titmice, using bacon grease in suet, and more!

Western Birds and Their Eastern Counterparts

Many western birds look somewhat familiar to eastern eyes. Take a look at some common western birds and their eastern...

These Wildlife Rehab Centers are Doing Amazing Work for Birds and Other Wild Animals

Meet the heroes who gladly answer the call to care for wildlife.

What to Look for When Identifying a Bird

One big challenge when people start birding is to know what they really need to look for when they identifying...

How Bird Feet Work

Walk this way and learn why feet are as important as feathers.

Meet Merlin: the Must-Have Bird ID App

Solve bird ID mysteries with the help of Cornell Lab of Ornithology's app.

Decoding Mixed Winter Flock Behavior

Discover why some birds travel with other species during the winter months and get the birding basics to spotting mixed...

Birding Basics to Camouflaged Birds

Many camouflaged birds blend in with the background for their own survival—but you can spot them with the birding basics...

Bird Species Profile: Little Blue Heron

Check out my top 5 interesting facts about Little Blue Herons!

Low Tide Beach Birding Tips

Headed to the beach to check out the shore birds? Get birding tips to make the most of your time...

Identifying Birds by Their Song

Did you know that simply hearing a bird counts as an ID? For visually impaired people who are beginning birding,...

Backyard Birding in Small Spaces

With a little planning and some bird feeding basics from our experts you can attract birds to backyard—no matter where...

Birding Guidelines: Birdhouse Hole Size Chart

Just as habitat matters, so does the birdhouse. Follow the guidelines on this birdhouse hole size chart to make sure...

Cooperative Bird Behavior

Don’t underestimate the ability of birds to work as a team for survival, nest building and feeding.

All About Bird Songs

From regional dialects to mimicry, the world of bird songs is fascinating.

5 Tips for Helping Birds This Winter

Here are five tips for helping the birds survive the coming cold months.

True Colors: Decoding Bird Plumage

Brilliantly colored bird feathers serve many purposes. Learn how bird plumage protects and helps wild birds.

Spark Birds: Learning to Love Birdwatching

A single spotting of your personal “spark bird” can ignite a lifetime of birdwatching.