Birding Basics

Thinking of taking up birding as a hobby? These birding basics and tips on birding for beginners will get you started.

Wake Up Early to Listen for a Robin Bird Song

Robins start singing even before sunrise. Learn what a robin bird song sounds like and when you should listen for...

Discover the Fastest Birds in North America

From outwitting predators to raising a family, speed can boost a bird’s chances of survival. Learn about the fastest birds,...

Meet the Backyard Birds With a Bad Reputation

Rethink your stance on the bad birds in your backyard by learning some birding basics about their behavior and personalities.

Cedar Waxwing Migration: Where Do Waxwings Go in Winter?

Learn about cedar waxwing migration and where these colorful birds might show up during the cold weather months.

Where is the Best Place for a Bluebird House?

What is the best bluebird house location? The bird experts answer the question to help birders attract nesting bluebirds.

Fun Facts About Birds in Pop Culture

Discover 6 facts about birds in pop culture and the role they play in history. Learn about Harry Potter's owl,...

Make Your Month-by-Month Birding Resolutions

You'll have a big year when you make birding resolutions your goal. Join the Christmas bird count, learn bird calls,...

7 Fascinating Facts About Great Blue Herons

Spotting a regal, statuesque heron is always a treat. Learn facts about great blue herons.

Spot the Owl in Your Backyard Trees

Be a bird sleuth and discover who's flying through the neighborhood. Here are the telltale signs you should look for...

The Most Common Birds Found in North America

Rare birds get a lot of attention these days, but common birds are important, too! Discover North America’s most abundant...

How to Create Winter Shelter for Birds

Birding experts and readers offer their best tips to create shelter and protect birds from the snow, wind and cold...

How to Buy Binoculars: Our Birding Binoculars Guide

Our editors and experts reveal how to buy binoculars. Discover our picks for the best birding binoculars and find out...

Can Birds Eat Peanut Butter?

Our bird experts explain if peanut butter is safe for birds and what kind of peanut butter to offer at...

Our Top 10 Favorite Sports Team Bird Mascots

Cheer for these professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey teams with bird mascots!

How Do Birds Fly? Answers to Common Questions About Birds

Learn fascinating facts about bird senses and bird behavior from a birding expert, and discover the truth about how and...

7 Ways to Be a Better Birder

Here's what every nature lover should know before going birdwatching.

What Happens to Birds in a Hurricane?

Find out how powerful hurricanes impact songbirds, seabirds and more, and learn how you can help in the aftermath.

Meet the Best Bird Dads and Learn How They Help Out Around The Nest

Celebrate the hardest-working feathered fathers out there! These great bird dads don't fly away when the chicks hatch.

Become a Birds & Blooms Field Editor

Want to Join the Birds & Blooms Field Editors? Here’s How! We’ve created a private Facebook community for our volunteer

Mimic Birds and Mimicry: Three Species to Know

Tune in to the copycat songs of mimic birds, like mockingbirds, catbirds and thrashers. Plus, how to attract mimic birds...

5 Birding Apps to Give Your Skills a Boost

You never leave home without your phone, so install these birding apps and you'll have guides, checklists, and more at...

Western Birds and Their Eastern Counterparts

Many western birds look somewhat familiar to eastern eyes. Take a look at some common western birds and their eastern...

Birding Basics to Camouflaged Birds

Many camouflaged birds blend in with the background for their own survival—but you can spot them with the birding basics...

Low Tide Beach Birding Tips

Headed to the beach to check out the shore birds? Get birding tips to make the most of your time...

Identifying Birds by Their Song

Did you know that simply hearing a bird counts as an ID? For visually impaired people who are beginning birding,...

True Colors: Decoding Bird Plumage

Brilliantly colored bird feathers serve many purposes. Learn how bird plumage protects and helps wild birds.

A Shiny Solution to Deter Birds From Fruit Trees

A Shiny Solution to Deter Birds From Fruit Trees

Use a Hawk Picture to Scare Birds Away from Windows

One way to prevent birds from hitting glass is to place a picture or silhouette on the window. Try this...