6 Reasons Why Woodpeckers Have Special Meaning

Updated: Sep. 12, 2023

Some types of woodpeckers have meaning for bird lovers. Find out which woodpecker sightings fill our readers with joy and delight.

Which type of woodpecker is your favorite? Out of more than woodpecker species in North America, Birds & Blooms readers adore these common fliers. Find out which woodpecker sightings have extra special meaning for your fellow backyard birders.

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Red-Bellied Woodpecker

how to clean a suet feederCourtesy Lori Schimpf

Red-bellied woodpeckers have a darling call and are so adorable as they glide sideways around a tree, pecking for insects,” says Louise McVay of Waleska, Georgia.

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Pileated Woodpecker

pileated woodpeckerCourtesy Jeanette Rucker

“The pileated woodpecker, because it is so huge, prehistoric-looking and loud,” says Lori June Houle-Pascador of Atlanta, Michigan.

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Downy Woodpecker

what do woodpeckers eat, downy woodpecker on suet feederCourtesy Laurie Stuchlik

“I love downy woodpeckers. They bob and sway as they attack suet, as if dancing to music only they can hear,” says Karen Crozier of Toccoa, Georgia.

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Northern Flicker

northern flicker, why do woodpeckers peckCourtesy Michael Schilmoeller

Northern flicker because it is the best-dressed bird! Color all over, a polka-dot chest, yellow under the wings and tail—top it all off with a mustache, and that’s one fancy bird!” says Vita Higgins of Cleves, Ohio.

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Hairy Woodpecker

hairy woodpecker on tree in snowCourtesy Judith Dedes

“My favorite is the hairy woodpecker. One visits my feeder every morning and squawks to let me know it’s there,” says Bonnie Webb of Holderness, New Hampshire.

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Red-Headed Woodpecker

winter bird feeding, Bnbbyc16 Susan Wilson 001Courtesy Susan Wilson

“The red-headed woodpecker. I love its beautiful markings and brilliant red head. The ones that visit us take whole peanuts in the shell from the feeder. They eat them on the power pole in the yard,” says Wendy Griffin of Liberty, Illinois.

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