10 Little-Known Peony Plant Facts

Updated: Jan. 26, 2024

Timeless and lovely, a peony plant is beloved for a reason. Discover what makes peonies such popular flowers for gardeners.

Peonies Grow in Alaska

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Do Tell Peony

Alaskan farmers harvest about 300,000 peonies a year. Why the demand? The growing season ends in the Lower 48 by late June, but peony plants thrive in July and August in Alaska.

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Peonies Love Cold Weather

Herbaceous peonies do best in Hardiness Zones 3 to 8 because the winters are cold enough that they encourage buds to form. For peony plants to truly thrive, most varieties require an average winter temperature of 40 degrees. And they are hardy down to minus 50 degrees. Tree peonies are not as hardy.

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Peonies Have Multiple Flower Forms

Per the American Peony Society, this garden favorite is available in six flower forms: single, double, semi-double, anemone, bomb and Japanese.

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Not All Peonies are Fragrant

Fragrance varies from one variety of peony to the next. When selecting peonies, look for varieties that are advertised as fragrant. The red-flecked white flowers of the Festiva Maxima are considered one of the most aromatic. Red Magic has a spicy fragrance. The double-pink blossoms of Eden’s Perfume also have an intense scent.

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These Blooms Have Ancient History

Wild Peony plantMimi Ditchie Photography/Getty Images
Wild peony

Peonies have been the “king of flowers” in China since the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907—about 1,400 years ago!) They were grown at the imperial court for their dramatic blooms.

Peonies Make Great Cut Flowers

Snip peonies for your favorite vase when buds are stale-marshmallow soft. A cut peony can last up to seven days.

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Look for Native Peony Plant Varieties

North America is home to two native peony plant species: Brown’s peony (Paeonia brownii) and California peony (P. californica). Both of these are found along the West Coast.

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Gardeners Can Grow Dozens of Peony Plant Species

Peony 'lotus Queen'TonyBaggett/Getty Images
Lotus Queen Peony

There are 33 recognized species of peonies and 15 additional subspecies.

Did you know—peonies are deer resistant plants!

You Can Visit a Peony Garden

The University of Michigan’s Nichols Arboretum Peony Garden showcases more than 270 historic cultivars. Admission is free, so plan a peony visit during spring. The arboretum also offers other gardens and is open seven days a week, so stop in during any season.

The Peony Is a State Flower

Indiana made the peony plant its official flower in 1957, awarding it the title the zinnia had held since 1931. Discover the national flower, bird, and tree of the U.S.

To learn more about these flowers, check out Peony: The Best Varieties for Your Garden by David C. Michener and Carol A. Adelman, available where books are sold.