The Zinnia Profusion Series Will Fill Your Garden With Color

Updated: May 16, 2023

Plant zinnia profusion series for a summer-long parade of color. These flowers are easy to start from seed, disease resistant and pollinators love them.

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Zinnia Profusion Double Hot Cherry 12All-America Selections
Zinnia Profusion Double Hot Cherry

Zinnia Profusion Series

Brighten up your backyard with long-lasting, colorful zinnias. These flowers are a great choice for both beginners and experienced gardeners. If you’re looking to add seasonal color, focus on those tough-as-nails annuals. Profusion zinnias are more disease-resistant than some you may have tried in the past.

This series of zinnia varieties such as Profusion Red, Profusion White and Profusion Fire—you get the idea—packs vibrant color into small spots. Well-suited for containers, Profusion has won several All-America Selections gold medals. The plants are compact and bask in summer’s hottest heat.

Incredibly simple to start from seed, sun-loving zinnias bloom quickly. All you need is a sunny spot and a packet of zinnia seeds will go a long way. Direct sow the seeds after the last frost. With zinnia seeds, you create a summer-long parade of colors. They also make great cut flowers.

Hummingbirds and butterflies will sip nectar from the central florets. This versatile plant also has seed heads that attract several varieties of sparrows, finches and juncos.

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Zinnia Profusion Double Hot Cherry

Zinnia X Hybrida, Annual

Bloom time: Early summer to late summer

Light: Full sun

From spring to frost, this gorgeous zinnia will impress you with deep rose, double-petal blooms. Like others in the Profusion series, Double Hot Cherry isn’t picky. In fact, it’s easy to grow and will perform well in a wide range of climates. Flowers don’t get much more low-maintenance than zinnias. They need almost zero care during the growing season.

Also look for this top performer in a pink-orange color called Profusion Double Deep Salmon.