Add Glamour to Your Yard With Bollywood Azalea

Updated: Jan. 26, 2024

Roll out the red carpet for butterflies, bees and other pollinators with Bollywood azalea. Learn how to grow this flowering shrub.

A closeup shot of Bollywood azalea reveals tropical looking flowers and cream edged leaves.Courtesy of Proven Winners -
The leaves and flowers are gorgeous on a Bollywood azalea shrub.

Bollywood azalea is a semi-evergreen shrub that adds pizazz to any planting. Bright neon pink flowers of this shrub unfurl early in spring and continue to bloom in clusters through late spring. But what really makes this plant stand out is the unique foliage. The variegated leaves lend the shrub interest throughout the year, depending on where you live.

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How to Grow Bollywood Azalea

Here’s what you need to know about Bollywood azalea before you plant one in your yard.

Choose a spot with well-draining, acidic soil.

This shrub shouldn’t need a ton of pruning, but snip it back after flowering if you feel that it could benefit from it. The plant blooms on old wood, so avoid pruning at other times of the year. As with other variegated plants, Bollywood can sprout occasional all-green leaves. If you don’t like their appearance, just pluck the individual green leaf.

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Where to Plant Bollywood Azalea

This plant shines in a few different settings. Use Bollywood in the middle of a large container to make it the star of the show. As an added bonus, you can move the container around for a boost of color wherever it’s needed.

It also works well as a vibrant addition to a border or path, where passersby can see the patterns in the leaves up close and the blooms’ pleasant fragrance in spring. Plus the bright cream color of the variegated leaves can help outline sidewalks in low light.

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Why You Should Grow Bollywood Azalea

This small shrub is especially beloved by gardeners in the southern U.S. and and attracts beneficial garden bugs.

As a semi-evergreen plant, this azalea cultivar may hold onto its leaves all winter long in warmer areas. Just make sure that it’s planted in ideal conditions. Also, in the warmest zones, the grower suggests planting the shrub in a place with part shade to get a respite from the strong sun and heat.

In spring, pollinators love to touch down on the lightly scented blooms. Watch out for butterflies, bees and more.

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Where to Buy Bollywood Azalea

A Bollywood azalea in a Proven Winners pot.Courtesy of Proven Winners -

Bollywood azalea is grown by Proven Winners and is available for sale at many online retailers including Home Depot and Tractor Supply Company. It may also be available at your local garden center. Give the store a call first so they can check their stock.