4 Beneficial Insects You Want to See in Your Garden

These good bugs are ready to lend a helping hand in your yard and garden by keeping the destructive and harmful pests away.

Syrphid fly sits on flowerPeter Greenhalgh (UKpix.com)/Alamy Stock Photo

Syrphid Flies

These insects may look like bees, but don’t be fooled! Syrphid flies, also known as flower flies, don’t just have a bee-like appearance—they’re pollinators, too. Some syrphid fly larvae eat aphids, a garden nuisance. One larva can devour several hundred aphids before entering its pupal life stage. Invite helpful insects to stay by making a DIY bug hotel.

Ground beetle on leafClarence Holmes Wildlife/Alamy Stock Photo

Ground Beetles

Hiding during the day beneath the surface of your garden, ground beetles come out at night to feast. They eat dozens of common pests, including slugs and snails, and also have been used to control invasive, non-native spongy moths. Discover 10 natural ways to eliminate garden insect pests.

Lacewing on flower petalblickwinkel/Alamy Stock Photo


Lacewing larvae do a great job of eating aphids. But while ladybugs, the other famous aphid eaters, tend to spread themselves out over a large area, lacewings set themselves apart by staying in a more concentrated section, which can really take care of those pests. You can buy larvae online, but growing a pollinator-friendly garden attracts them naturally. Make sure you add these super fragrant flowers that pollinators love.

ladybugs on flowerCourtesy Carol Milisen


Sometimes known as lady beetles or ladybirds, these insects have an aphid-eating reputation for good reason. But they also help keep other nuisance pests, such as mites and mealybugs, under control. If you notice a large number of ladybug-like beetles around a window or in your home, don’t blame ladybugs! You’re probably actually dealing with Asian lady beetles, an invasive and mostly harmful species. Check out 10 more things you didn’t know about ladybugs.

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