Garden Bugs

Garden bugs in the backyard are not always a bad thing. We’re breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly so you can keep harmful garden insect pests away.

5 Basic Butterfly Behaviors to Know

Take your butterfly gardening to the next level by learning some of their most common habits to look for.

7 Illuminating Facts About Fireflies

When the sun goes down, fireflies glow up. Read on to learn more about these extraordinary insects.

7 Creepy Crawly Facts About Spiders

Hone your backyard spidey senses and learn about these garden good guys.

My Adventures as a Newbie Beekeeper

Follow this newbie's journey to learn how to get your own backyard abuzz.

How Butterflies and Bugs Hibernate

Butterflies and bugs make themselves at home nestled under leaves or hidden beneath tree bark in the backyard.

Monarch Egg or Aphid? How to Tell the Difference

Not sure what you've got on your milkweed plants? Learn to tell the difference between a monarch egg and an...

Bring on the Butterflies!

Butterflying made simple! Learn butterfly names and where the best places are to look for them.

The Lovely Luna Moth

The pale green wings and feathery tails of the luna moth make it an especially lovely sight.

4 Facts About Native Bees in Your Backyard

Learn these important facts about bees to help you grow a garden that's safe and attractive for these powerful pollinators.

Good Bugs for Your Garden (and 3 Bugs to Avoid)

Among the hundreds of thousands of bug species, not all of them are bad for your yard. Learn the good...

Throw a Party to Attract Moths

Gather some lights, bring some bananas, and invite friends for a whole lot of late-night fun with moths.

Beetles: Beneficial Garden Bugs

Japanese beetles are an unwelcome sight to most gardeners, but there are plenty of beetles that are actually good bugs...

Plant Garlic in Fall by Fruit Trees to Keep Borers Away

Bugs simply don't like the smell of garlic. Plant garlic in fall around fruit trees and shrubs to help deter...

Beneficial Garden Bugs

Not all garden bugs are bad! Learn about good bugs for your garden and how they help.

Nighttime Music: Singing Garden Bugs

Ever wondered “What's singing in my garden?” We’ve got answers! Find out more about singing garden bugs.

Bees or Flies? How to Identify Common Garden Bugs

Bees and their look-alikes are good bugs for your garden. Learn about robber flies, bee flies, and more.

Gorgeous Garden Bugs: The Joy of Moths

Get to know these beautiful moths, and you’ll realize these are good bugs for your garden.

Controlling Caterpillars as Garden Insect Pests

Some butterfly and moth caterpillars can be serious garden insect pests. Get tips for controlling these garden bugs.

Attracting Skimmers: Good Garden Bugs

Some of the most beautiful of garden bugs, skimmer dragonflies eat pest insects, making them very good bugs for your...