When Will House Wrens Return in Spring?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Do wrens migrate? Although not as flashy as an oriole or hummingbird, many people are excited to see house wrens return each spring.

Each spring, birders eagerly wait the return of so many bright and colorful birds like orioles, hummingbirds, and warblers. But, what about house wrens? Do wrens migrate? I know a lot of birders who are almost as excited to see the first house wren arrive in their backyards as they are about some of the more flashy species.

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When Will My House Wrens Return?©Rob Ripma
House wrens are one of the earliest spring migrants

The house wren species doesn’t migrate very far, with many staying in the southern United States during the winter months. This means that they end up being a pretty early migrant, along with red-winged blackbirds and eastern phoebes. Seeing one of these birds is a sure sign of spring.

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house wrenCourtesy Kathleen Colligan
House wren sitting on a bird house

House wrens might not be very colorful like tanagers or grosbeaks but these songbirds are known for having a beautiful song. Hear the house wren’s song.

Have you seen (or heard) a house wren in your yard yet this year?

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