When Will Baltimore Orioles Arrive in Spring?

Updated: Mar. 22, 2023

Learn when to start looking for Baltimore orioles during spring migration and how to keep track of when they'll be arriving near you.

Oriole On The Crab Apple Tree;my Backyard!!Courtesy Tim White
Baltimore oriole on a crabapple tree

I get many questions recently about when Baltimore orioles will be arriving in certain areas of the country. Birders want to know when they should start putting out their oriole feeder to try to attract this beautiful bird to their backyards.

This can be a tricky question to answer, as it depends on how migration progresses throughout the spring. But I can offer you the resources for you to keep track of oriole migration so that you can see when orioles will arrive near you.

One helpful tool to see where bird species are being reported is eBird. This tool gives you a migration map to track where Baltimore orioles (or other birds) are moving if you check back frequently. As a general guideline, these backyard favorites reach the Gulf Coast by late February or early March, pass through the southeast in April, and usually have made it northward by Mother’s Day. Make sure you have the grape jelly, oranges and sugar water ready! Learn more about what orioles eat.

Baltimore oriole migration mapVia ebird
A sample ebird map shows Baltimore orioles in the southeast and on the east coast.

Use this link to visit eBird’s page about Baltimore orioles. Check back frequently so you’ll be ready when the birds start to approach your area.

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