Will a Robin Use a Bird House?

Updated: Feb. 28, 2023

This cheery spring bird with a taste for worms is a welcome backyard guest. But will a robin nest in a bird house?

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Shutterstock 101300527Shutterstock / Cindy Underwood
Busy robin building its nest

It’s such a joyful springtime sight: American robins hopping around in bright green grass, searching intently for worms and nesting material. Given the happiness these red-breasted birds bring, it’s no wonder birders want to attract them to stick around and raise their young. But will robins use a bird house? Is there even such thing as a robin bird house? Here’s what you should know.

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Will Robins Use Bird Houses?

Nestling robin in a nestCOURTESY DIANE BASETTE
Baby robin in a nest

If you’ve put up bluebird houses, chickadee nest boxes or decorative bird houses in your yard, don’t expect a robin to move in. Unlike those birds, robins are not “cavity nesters,” meaning they don’t build nests in pre-existing holes in trees. As such, a bird house — which mimics that “hole-in-tree” environment — doesn’t appeal to them.

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Robin Bird House Alternative

Robins care for their nestCourtesy Steven Osborne
Mom and dad robin built a nest on top of a flat basket

While robins won’t use a traditional bird house and a robin bird house isn’t a product you should buy, there are some birdhouse-like products available for them. Robins tend to build their nests on flat surfaces, and nesting shelves replicate that setting.

Nesting shelves are a lot like bird houses with the front panel removed. There’s a large gap so birds can fly directly into the house, as they would if they had nested on a natural flat surface. Many have a roof-like awning that hangs over the shelf, so the birds don’t get wet when it rains. After all, in the trees, birds are protected by leaves!

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Where to Buy a Nesting Shelf for Robins

robin bird house nesting shelfVia Merchant
Robin nesting shelf

If you’re looking to purchase a nesting shelf, several options are available online (like this one from Etsy).

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You can always make your own DIY nesting shelf, too. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Project NestWatch has plans available to make a shelf out of wood. Barn swallows and Eastern phoebes may also use these shelves for nesting. If you’re looking to take a craftier approach, here’s how to make a nesting shelf out of a bucket.

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