Bird Species

We’ve rounded up profiles for some of the most popular North American bird species. Learn how to attract these fine feathered friends and listen to their songs.

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Dark-Eyed Junco

There are more than a dozen recognized “races” of the dark-eyed junco, from the most basic slate-gray with a white...

Cedar Waxwing

A lucky observer might see a row of sociable Cedar Waxwings perched on a branch, passing a berry down...

Carolina Wren

The loud, ringing call of the Carolina Wren is one of the commonest sounds of southeastern woods, where it is...

Black-Capped Chickadee

It’s one of the friendliest fliers in North America, and many have convinced the Black-Capped Chickadee to eat from their...

American Robin

This average-size songbird is the standard by which all other songbirds are measured. Many consider the American Robin's bright red...

Eastern Bluebird

You won’t attract the Eastern Bluebird to your yard with seed, but there is another secret ingredient that will surely...

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Jewell of a hummingbird

I think this Broad-billed Hummingbird is one of the most brilliantly colored birds that can be found in the United

A Change of Name: Common Gallinule

Chances are good that if you've seen and identified this bird before, you know it as the Common Moorhen (Gallinula...

Chimney Swifts: from babies to flight

This is a photo of a young Chimney Swift on it’s first flight after being released from my local wildlife

What is That Black Duck with the White Bill?

The American coot looks like a black duck with a white beak, but it's actually a member of the rail...

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Attract Chickadees to Your Wildlife Garden

I began my journey to creating welcoming wildlife habitat gardens because of a very persistent Chickadee. I had just bought