Dark-Eyed Junco

There are more than a dozen recognized “races” of the dark-eyed junco, from the most basic slate-gray with a white breast to those with a swoosh of pink along the flanks, plus lots of variations in between.


Dark-Eyed Junco
Roland Jordahl
Dark-Eyed Junco
Patricia Foss
Dark-Eyed Junco


Dark Eyed JuncoPatricia Foss
Patricia Foss Dark-Eyed Junco

Scientific Name: Junco hyemalis.
Family: Sparrow.
Length: 6 inches.
Wingspan:  9 inches.
Markings: Coloration varies regionally. Common characteristics are dark eyes, white-edged tails and black, brown or gray hoods.
Nest: Constructs a cup-shaped nest on the ground using natural materials; then, lays four to six pale, speckled eggs inside.
Voice: Trills vary in pitch and tempo, from dry notes to tinkling sounds.
Habitat: Evergreen or mixed forest in summer. In winter, all kinds of woods, brushy places, farms, parks, back yards.
Diet: Seeds, nuts and grains in winter; insects, berries and grass seeds in summer.
Backyard Favorites: Birdseed and cracked corn scattered on ground.

Bird Song & Range Map

Listen to the Dark-Eyed Junco’s song and learn where to spot them!

Bird songs provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Dark-eyed Junco Bird SpeciesRange maps provided by Kaufman Field Guides, the official field guide of Birds & Blooms.

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