Bird Species

We’ve rounded up profiles for some of the most popular North American bird species. Learn how to attract these fine feathered friends and listen to their songs.

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The Top 9 Most Beautiful Birds in America

When it comes to these beautiful birds, we can’t help but admire them.

Learn the Story Behind the Rescue of a Special Bald Eagle

Good bird photography often tells a story or captures a moment. Learn about a special bald eagle that captured the...

Can You Guess the Official State Bird of All 50 States?

Cardinals, robins, and wrens, oh my! Take this quiz to see if you can correctly guess the official state bird...

Beauty and the Beak: A Bald Eagle Rescue Story

When a bullet took her upper beak, Beauty the bald eagle would have starved. A dedicated caregiver and 3D printing...

Mimic Birds and Mimicry: Three Species to Know

Tune in to the copycat songs of mimic birds, like mockingbirds, catbirds and thrashers. Plus, how to attract mimic birds...

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Must-See Hummingbird Videos You Can’t Miss

From nest building to snoring (yes, snoring!), the behavior captured in these hummingbird videos will captivate your bird-loving heart.

Western Bluebird vs Eastern Bluebird: Which Bluebird Am I Seeing?

Pay attention to where you are birding, and learn how to tell the difference between a western bluebird vs an...

Nene, Hawaii’s State Bird

A close relative of the Canada Goose, the Nene is the rarest of all the state birds and found only...

Muscovy Ducks

Bigger than mallards and unusual in appearance, Muscovy ducks are common in Florida and some cities in the U.S.

Duck Identification: Canvasback vs. Redhead

One of the most common duck identification questions I get is how to tell the difference between a Canvasback and...