Ducks and Geese

Want help identifying the types of ducks and geese in your area? Browse species profiles and colorful pictures of ducks and geese.

How to Identify a Wood Duck

If you live near water, put up a nest box and you may attract a wood duck to your yard. Learn about wood duck nests and hear their song.

20 Types of Ducks to Look for This Spring

Many ducks are already migrating toward their breeding grounds. Here are some of the types of ducks that you are...

6 Romantic and Fascinating Swan Facts

Learn swan facts, including what swans eat, why they're known as a symbol of love and how many swan species...

Nene, Hawaii’s State Bird

A close relative of the Canada Goose, the Nene is the rarest of all the state birds and found only...

Muscovy Ducks

Bigger than mallards and unusual in appearance, Muscovy ducks are common in Florida and some cities in the U.S.

Duck Identification: Canvasback vs. Redhead

One of the most common duck identification questions I get is how to tell the difference between a Canvasback and...

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Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

This South American whistling duck is expanding its range north, and there are many places in Florida to see them.

Parade of Winter Florida Ducks

Many Florida ducks, like Florida residents, are only here in the winter. Here are a few you might be able...

Duck Species: Northern Shoveler

This widespread duck species is easy to identify once you spot its heavy bill.


Remarkably adaptable to civilization, the mallard—the most common duck in the world—will nest in a city park if there is...

A Change of Name: Common Gallinule

Chances are good that if you've seen and identified this bird before, you know it as the Common Moorhen (Gallinula...

What is That Black Duck with the White Bill?

The American coot looks like a black duck with a white beak, but it's actually a member of the rail...