Bird Species

We’ve rounded up profiles for some of the most popular North American bird species. Learn how to attract these fine feathered friends and listen to their songs.

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What’s the Difference: European Robin vs American Robin

The American robin and the European robin are separated by an ocean but share a similar name. Learn about their differences.

Warbler Migration Tips for Every Type of Birder

Even casual birders get excited during warbler migration season! Try these tips to identify the most warblers this spring.

How to Identify American Redstarts

The American redstart is a stunning, distinctive warbler. Learn how to identify these colorful birds, and see what the female...

Meet the Majestic Magnolia Warbler

Look for brilliantly colored magnolia warblers in trees and shrubs during spring migration as these birds head toward their northern...

All About Black-Throated Blue (and Green!) Warblers

These birds have similar names, but they look and sound different. Learn to identify black-throated blue warblers and black-throated green...

Black-and-White Warblers: The Zebra Birds

The black and white warbler is one of the most striking birds to spot during spring migration. Look and listen...

Yellow-Rumped Warblers: Meet the Butterbutts

Learn what a yellow-rumped warbler looks like, how to identify them, what they eat, when they migrate, and why they're...

6 Romantic and Fascinating Swan Facts

Learn swan facts, including what swans eat, why they're known as a symbol of love and how many swan species...

13 Fascinating Facts About Mourning Doves

Mournings doves are beloved in backyards across America. Learn fascinating facts you should know about these beautiful doves.

Meet the Backyard Birds With a Bad Reputation

Rethink your stance on the bad birds in your backyard by learning some birding basics about their behavior and personalities.

How to Attract Owls to Nest in Your Backyard

Where do owls live? Roll out the welcome mat for these shadowy nighttime fliers. Experts reveal how to attract owls:...

How to Attract and Identify Purple Finches

Attracting a purple finch is easy with the right food, but identifying them can be tricky! Here's the best way...

Get to Know Snowy Owls and Where to Find Them

Find out where snowy owls live, what they look like, what they eat, how to spot them, why they're often...

How to Attract Robins to Your Yard or Garden

Meet the orange-breasted early bird that greets spring with a song. Learn how to identify and attract robins with their...

How to Identify Palm Warblers

Learn what palm warblers look like, where birders can find these warblers in different seasons, and what foods these birds...

What Does a Carolina Wren Call Sound Like?

Even if you don't see a Carolina wren, you might hear one. Learn what a Carolina wren call sounds like...

6 Fascinating Snowy Owl Facts

Normally, these owls spend their summers up at the very northernmost fringe of the world, in the arctic tundra. Learn...

Dark-Eyed Juncos: Meet the Family Tree

Learn six variations of dark-eyed juncos, a beloved snowbird and popular wintertime visitor, and find out where to spot them.

The Varied Thrush: Voice of the Northwest

Learn everything you need to know about the colorful varied thrush that is known for its dramatic beauty and haunting...

Meet the Thrashers: Learn About Thrasher Birds

Get to know the thrasher birds. Learn where to spot these birds, how to identify them, what their songs sound...

All About Sparrows: What Birders Should Know

Think telling sparrows apart is just not worth the effort? Our tips might change your mind.

How to Identify and Attract Chipping Sparrows

Bring this cheery summer visitor into your backyard with our top tips for identifying and attracting chipping sparrows.

How to Identify White-Throated Sparrows

Learn how to identify white-throated sparrows. Our birding experts reveal what the sparrows look like, sound like and what they...

The Ultimate Bucket List for Hummingbird Lovers

These 10 activities, some silly and some seriously cool, are ideas that every hummingbird enthusiast should experience.

Northern Saw-Whet Owls: The Cutest Owls

Northern saw-whet owls are tiny, captivating, and recently newsworthy—one was found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Bird Courtship Rituals: Love Is in the Air

When it comes to courtship, birds pull out all the stops, using elaborate displays to attract a potential mate and...

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Mourning Doves

We share the answers to the most common questions about baby mourning doves.