Bird Species

We’ve rounded up profiles for some of the most popular North American bird species. Learn how to attract these fine feathered friends and listen to their songs.

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The Most Common Birds Found in North America

Rare birds get a lot of attention these days, but common birds are important, too! Discover North America’s most abundant...

Meet the Jays: Blue Jays, California Scrub-Jays and Steller’s Jays

Whether you think they're brilliant or bullies, there's plenty to discover about these clever corvids. Learn about blue jays and...

10 Egrets and Herons Found in North America

You probably know a great blue heron when you see it, but what about the green heron or reddish egret?...

Do Cardinals Mate for Life?

We asked our birding experts if male and female cardinals mate for life and how they keep their bond through...

How to Attract More Juncos to Your Backyard

Flocks of juncos arrive with cold snowy weather. Learn the best foods to offer at feeders and plants to grow...

Irruption Alert: Look for Evening Grosbeaks at Bird Feeders

Backyard birders should watch for evening grosbeaks in winter 2020. The annual finch forecast also reveals other species you might...

Mourning Dove Nests: The Fastest Nest Builders

You'll be amazed at how fast a pair of mourning doves builds a nest. Learn about the nesting habits of...

20 Incredibly Cute Chickadee Pictures

Chickadees are friendly and adorable birds. Check out super cute chickadee pictures captured by backyard birders across America.

The Chickadee Bunch: All About Chickadees

Chickadees are social birds that flock to feeders. To attract and identify chickadees, learn about their songs, favorite foods and...

5 Essential Hawk Identification Tips for Birders

Use expert tips and a helpful chart to improve your hawk identification skills. Plus, learn about the common types of...

What Does a Cardinal’s Call Sound Like?

Northern cardinals are one of the few bird species with both male and female singers. Learn what a cardinal call...

8 Cool Facts About Dark-Eyed Juncos

Discover fun facts about one of winter's favorite snowbirds: the dark-eyed junco! Learn how long juncos live and what kind...

House Finches and Purple Finches: How to Tell the Difference

House finches and purple finches look very similar. Birding experts explain how backyard birders can identify these finches.

13 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Hummingbirds

Discover fascinating facts about hummingbirds, like what materials they use build their nests, where they migrate and how fast they...

How Long Do Hummingbirds Live?

Learn the lifespan of hummingbirds, and discover how long hummingbirds can live in the wild and in captivity at zoos.

6 Fascinating Facts about Swifts

Learn everything birders need to know about swifts—the family of airborne birds that can’t sit still.

The 4 Best Foods for Attracting Woodpeckers

Attract more woodpeckers to your backyard by serving all of their favorite foods.

How to Identify Cooper’s Hawks and Sharp-shinned Hawks

A common backyard birding challenge is learning how to tell Cooper's and sharp-shinned hawks apart. Look closely to identify these...

Everything You Need to Know About Red-Bellied Woodpeckers

Meet the woodpecker with a puzzling moniker and a big appetite for suet. Here's how to attract and identify red-bellied...

All About Acorn Woodpeckers: Ultimate Stockpilers

Tap into what makes these quirky, clownish woodpeckers so unique. Acorn woodpeckers live in large social groups and hoard thousands...

Our Top 10 Favorite Sports Team Bird Mascots

Cheer for these professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey teams with bird mascots!

15 Outstanding Pictures of Owls

Admire these spectacular reader photos of owl species found across America, including snowy owls, burrowing owls, barred owls and more.

Meet Crossbills: The Ultimate Nomads of the Bird World

Random migrations are just one crossbill quirk—learn more fun oddities of these wandering songbirds.

How to Attract and Identify Pine Siskins

When pine siskins visit backyards, they come in droves. These hungry and feisty finches love fresh thistle seeds and black-oil...

Meet the Redheads of the Bird World: Red-headed Woodpeckers

Learn more about the red-headed woodpecker including what they look like, what they eat, and how to attract them to...

Discover the Truth About Common Hummingbird Myths

Should you add red dye to hummingbird feeders? Find out as we separate hummingbird myths from hummingbird facts.

The Top 9 Most Beautiful Birds in America

When it comes to these beautiful birds, we can’t help but admire them.