Is that a Swallow in My Bluebird Box?

I'm always happy to see a swallow in a bluebird box.

I talk with many people who are concerned when another species moves into their bluebird boxes. This concern is certainly warranted, as invasive species like House Sparrows can harm and even kill bluebirds. But, not all possible other residents are trouble.

Is that a Swallow in My Bluebird Box?Rob Ripma
Rob Ripma Do you have any Tree Swallows nesting in your yard?

The Tree Swallow is a species that uses the exact same type of box as a bluebird and is very desirable to have in your yard. They are extremely fun to watch as the acrobatically chase after insects. Tree Swallows also get along well with bluebirds, so if you have room in your yard, consider putting up two boxes. Both species are a great addition to any backyard bird habitat!

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