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19 Childrens Books on Birds and Nature

Share your love of the outdoors with childrens books on birds, nature, gardening and wildlife that will excite learners of all ages.

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John James Audubon Painted Birds

Celebrate one of the most important figures in birding with this “Little Naturalists” book. John James Audubon Painted Birds uses delightful illustrations in this childrens book on birds. Psst—here’s how to get kids excited about birding.

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A Backyard Birding AdventureVia

A Backyard Birding Adventure

Join a little boy in A Backyard Birding Adventure and discover the wonders of your own garden. Download the free app to your phone or tablet and listen to the birds in the book. Follow this guide to learn the best gardening tasks for kids of every age.

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Bees, Bugs and Butterflies bookVia

Bees, Bugs and Butterflies

Play trivia, cut out and wear an insect mask, peek at a bug cafe menu and learn why pollinators are important with Bees, Bugs & Butterflies. If your little ones love nature, check out the top 10 easy plants for kids to grow.

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Fly with me bookVia

Fly With Me

Explore the world of birds in Fly With Me. Jam-packed with interesting facts and educational pages—plus beautiful photography and illustrations, engaging stories and poems—it’s a must for eager learners. Don’t miss our favorite hummingbird books.

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I Can Grow a Flower bookVia

I Can Grow a Flower

Teach kids or grandkids about the joy of gardening with this interactive board book, I Can Grow a Flower. It’s full of simple projects to try at home. Check out the best gardening gear for kids.

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hummingbird book, childrens book on birdsVia

My Tiny Life by Ruby T. Hummingbird

In My Tiny Life by Ruby T. Hummingbird, young readers will learn about a year in the life of a ruby-throated hummingbird, from a tiny egg to migration. This nature book for kids includes a recipe for sugar-water and recommendations for flowers to attract hummingbirds.

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nature play workshopVia

Nature Play Workshop for Families

Inspire little ones to love the outdoors with the Nature Play Workshop for Families. This nature book for kids features educational activities you can do with your children or grandchildren in every season. Check out more gifts for kids who love birds and nature.

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unplugged family activity bookVia

The Unplugged Family Activity Book

Turn off the electronic devices and opt outside for a fun adventure—even just for an hour or two! Kids will never get bored again with all of these creative activities, crafts and recipes in the Unplugged Family Activity Book.

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secret lives of animalsVia

The Secret Lives of Animals

Critter-loving kids will adore this book. The Secret Lives of Animals is packed full of fun and quirky facts about all kinds of critters, from birds and butterflies to reptiles.

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childrens books on birdsVia

Bird Count

In this adorable story, a school-age girl joins the fun of the annual Christmas Bird Count. Her excitement grows as she spots a variety of bird species all over town.

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childrens books on birdsVia

Curious About Birds

This childrens board book on birds is a sweet gift for the youngest nature lovers in your life. Curious About Birds contains beautiful illustrations and simple text to teach toddlers and preschoolers about the birds they can see in their backyard.

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childrens book on birdsVia

C is for Cardinal

Teach kids their ABCs and help them learn to identify birds at the same time! Grown-up bird lovers will love the pretty pictures of colorful flyers as they read C is for Cardinal at bedtime or story time. Don’t miss these cardinal gifts for redbird lovers.

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Screen Shot 2022 06 10 At 10.01.21 AmVia Amazon

Migrating Birds: A Colors Book

This installment in the Birding for Babies board book duology teaches young readers to identify favorite migrating birds — such as indigo buntings, Baltimore orioles and scarlet tanagers — by color. The sweet illustrations are sure to inspire a smile, too!

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Screen Shot 2022 06 10 At 10.00.54 AmVia Amazon

Backyard Birds: A Numbers Book

If there’s a better way to learn numbers than by counting the birds in one’s backyard, we don’t know what it is. Part of the Birding for Babies board book duology, it helps young readers learn their numbers and bird species by counting how many black-capped chickadees, northern mockingbirds and more they find on each page. Plus, each page has a fun fact about the illustrated bird.

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08 Stuffwelove Bbxsep22 SourcebooksVia Merchant

Why Should I Walk? I Can Fly!

Enjoy the inspiring story of a young robin as it works up the courage to try something new: taking flight for the first time. Learn more about robin nests and robin eggs.

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08 Stuffwelove Bbxsep22 ChroniclebooksVia Merchant

A Nest Is Noisy

Explore where baby birds and other animals grow up in this picture book filled with vivid photos. Find out what foods baby birds eat.

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08 Stuffwelove Bbxsep22 FireflybooksVia Merchant

The Little Book of Backyard Bird Songs

Even the youngest members of your family can learn bird songs with the help of this interactive book. Listen to sounds from red-winged blackbirds, mourning doves, northern cardinals and more.

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08 Stuffwelove Bbxsep22 Bn2Via Merchant

Bird-Watching Book for Kids

Budding wildlife enthusiasts can jot down observations and learn classic birding lingo in this observation journal.

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08 Stuffwelove Bbxsep22 Bn1Via Merchant

Crows: Genius Birds

Upper elementary kids will discover just how smart crows are in this graphic novel from the Science Comics series.

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