6 Birdhouse Kits from Etsy to Build for Nesting Season

Updated: Jan. 24, 2023

Building birdhouse kits is a family-friendly activity that benefits birds! Discover a wide variety of birdhouse kits for endless fun.

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Kids Or Adults Diy Bird House Ecomm Via Etsy.com
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DIY Bird House Kit

You’ll have a great time putting this birdhouse kit together—and your birds will love it, too. Measuring 5 in. by 5 ½ in. by 11 in., it’s the perfect size for small songbirds. The kit includes all building materials necessary (wood and screws), and the house is ventilated on the top sides and bottom floor.

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Kids Birdhouse Kit Ecomm Via Etsy.com
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Painted Birdhouse Kit

This DIY kit will provide hours and hours of fun for your kids or grandkids! The seller says it comes with “everything you need,” to decorate the exterior, including paints, brushes and even bird stickers. The side opens so you can easily clean out your birdhouse, and there’s a clear panel so you can take a peek inside.

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Modern Birdhouse Kit Ecomm Via Etsy.com
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Modern Birdhouse Kits

Build your birds a quirky home with this modern birdhouse kit. It includes all you need to bring the house to life, including pine wood, nails, a dowel and sandpaper. The seller has also posted a video assembly guide on their YouTube channel.

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Birhouse Kit Paul The Maker Ecomm Via Etsy.com
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Basic Birdhouse Kit

This basic birdhouse kit makes for an excellent craft project. The kit includes precut and drilled wood pieces, exterior grade deck screws, building instructions and a link to a video showing buyers how to put the birdhouse together. The seller also offers a squirrel feeder assembly kit, so you can more peacefully coexist with the bushy-tailed critters in your yard.

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Diy Pantry Birdhouse Kit Ecomm Via Etsy.com
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Pantry Birdhouse Kits

Create an adorable, pantry-themed birdhouse with this fun birdhouse kit from Etsy. It comes with the wood necessary to build the house, as well as hooks, nails and string. Instructions for assembly are also included.

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Jcs Wildlife Barn Owl Box Ecomm Via Etsy.com
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Barn Owl Box Kit

This nest box kit is a great hands-on project for those looking to attract owls to their yard. The seller includes everything one might need, including the wood, assembly screws, mounting screws, mounting strips and pine shavings to line the box.

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