Add Haworthia, or Zebra Plant, to Your Succulent Collection

One of the easiest indoor plants to grow and care for, haworthia succulents (also called zebra plants) boast spiked foliage with green and white stripes.

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Succulents are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. These indoor plants are unique and fun to grow, and lend themselves well to a variety of settings and containers. A haworthia succulent (also called a zebra plant) is one of my personal favorites, since it’s easy to care for and fascinating. These slow-growing plants are native to southern Africa, but they make excellent houseplants the world over. Here’s how to grow a haworthia succulent.

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Haworthia Succulent Care

Haworthia SucculentsJill Staake
Haworthia fasciata


Most types of haworthia succulents varieties prefer bright, indirect light from a south-facing window, but some adapt well to direct sunlight or low light. Some types change color to red or purple when exposed to sun. If the leaves turn pale, the plant may be getting too much sun.

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Haworthias are succulents and have the ability to survive long periods without water. However, your plant will be much happier with regular waterings, as long as you let the soil dry out between watering. During the cooler winter months, you can water less frequently. At all times, make sure your soil is well-drained so the roots don’t sit in water for extended periods of time.

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Hot temperatures are fine for haworthia succulents in the summer months. You can even more them outdoors if you like. In winter, they can stand temperatures down to about 50 degrees F. In most areas, you’ll need to grow them indoors in the winter. In areas without freezing winters, grow them outdoors but protect from sudden dips into the 40s or below.

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There aren’t too many problems to look out for with a haworthia succulent. As long as the soil is well drained and you monitor the sun exposure, you should find this an almost foolproof plant.

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Where to Buy Zebra Plant Succulents

Haworthia SucculentsJill Staake
Haworthia coarctata var. tenuis

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