Plant Gin Fizz Juniper for a Bush Bursting With Berries

Plant a Gin Fizz juniper bush for low-maintenance greenery that looks great in every season. Plus, you'll attract flocks of hungry berry-loving birds!

A closeup of the white-green berries of a Gin Fizz juniper.Courtesy of Proven Winners -
A closeup of the white-green berries of a Gin Fizz juniper.

Gin Fizz juniper bushes are a wonderful evergreen shrub that offer year-round interest. They produce bunches of blue-green berries—far more fruits than a typical juniper bush. Here’s why you should plant one in your yard and the best way to do it.

Why You Should Grow a Gin Fizz Juniper Bush

This shrub is perfect for home gardeners who are looking for a “plant it and forget it” specimen.

It’s a fantastic easy-care hedge. All you have to do is grow several in a row and the lush foliage provides a privacy fence for every season.

Gin Fizz juniper bushes have a gorgeous pyramid-like shape. Their shape stands out focal point or in a mass planting.

It’s also a great alternative to arborvitae, which is one of the best and most popular types of evergreens. Both shrubs grow in full sun, but Gin Fizz may be more compact than some arborvitae and it produces gorgeous berries.

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How to Grow a Gin Fizz Juniper Bush

Gin Fizz juniper bushes grow in tall pyramid-like shapes and look great in pairs.Courtesy of Proven Winners -
Gin Fizz juniper bushes grow in tall pyramid-like shapes and look great in pairs.
  • Botanical name: Juniperus chinensis
  • Zone: 4 to 8
  • Light needs: Full sun
  • Size: When mature, it reaches 10 to 18 feet high and 7 to 10 feet wide.

These plants are very low maintenance. Just follow our guide on planting shrubs and bushes to get started.

Once established, a Gin Fizz juniper tolerates occasional drought and needs very little extra care. Pruning should be minimal and happen only occasionally, if at all. In fact, this juniper is slow to bounce back from a deep pruning, so it’s best to snip lightly.

Gin Fizz Juniper Bush Wildlife Benefits

Bird-watchers should definitely consider planting Gin Fizz juniper. Its prolific berry productions makes it a bird magnet. The berries appear every summer and birds start picking at them shortly after. It’s a cheap way to attract more birds on a budget.

What it doesn’t attract may be equally exciting. Generally speaking, deer aren’t interested in Gin Fizz juniper bushes. So gardeners in areas with plenty of white tails can relax knowing their hedges will not part of a backyard deer buffet.

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