Growing Trees, Shrubs & Grasses

Whether you’re growing grass, trees or shrubs, the right mix can make or break your backyard landscaping. We’re sharing expert grass, shrub and tree growing tips and advice you can use!

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Winter Cassia

Florida’s fall colors are a little different than those up north. While others are watching the last colorful leaves of

Top 10 Shrubs for Shade

Don't let your shady yard stop you from having a lively landscape—jazz up your space with our list of the...

Ground Covers for Shade Gardens

Low-light ground covers add beauty in shade gardens.

Growing Ornamental Grasses

Discover the versatile beauty and carefree nature of ornamental grasses.

Secrets to Fall Color

Learn the basics for enjoying rich, beautiful colors in your backyard this fall.

Grow Dogwood Trees to Attract Birds

Not only do dogwoods trees have good looks, they also attract wildlife. Add a beautiful tree to your yard for...

Small Trees That Attract Birds for Food, Shelter and Nesting

Attract more birds with these small trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter in all seasons. These varieties are...

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Favorite Fall Plants: Pink-Flowering Ornamental Grass

Fall is in the air and summer blooms are beginning to fade, but the garden is far from being finished

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Favorite Fall Plant: Autumn Sage

Living in the Desert Southwest, I am always grateful when September comes around and the summer heat begins to abate.

Signs of Spring – Fragrant, Flowering Fruit Trees

There is nothing that says spring is here as formerly leafless fruit trees covered in blossoms. What makes it even

Second Chance for a Damaged Tree

Have you ever had a favorite damaged by a storm or severe cold temperatures?  Was the damage so bad that

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Focus on Natives: Muhly Grass

If you’re a fan of ornamental grasses, Muhly Grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris syn. M. filipes) is one you simply must have. A foolproof

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Focus on Natives: Elliot’s Lovegrass

Ornamental grasses are popular in gardens, and for good reason. Taller varieties add texture and interest, while lower growing species

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Ornamental Grasses for Zones 3, 4 and 5

I have a few ornamental grasses in my yard — Blue Fescue, Ribbon Grass and Switch Grass. I’ve been on

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Low-Litter Plants for Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

Who doesn’t love to take a dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day?  I certainly do.  But I

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Focus on Natives: Live Oaks and Spanish Moss

Perhaps no image is more representative of the southern outdoors than a giant live oak dripping with Spanish moss. When

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Beautiful Native Perennial With a Floral Surprise

Globe Mallow is one of my favorite native shrubs.  It brings a ‘cottage garden’ look and feel to my desert

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Flowering Beauty for Winter and Spring, Valentine Bush

I must admit that I am getting a bit tired of looking at my brown, frost-damaged shrubs and perennials.  Like