10 Pictures of Spiders That Will Change Your Mind About Them

Updated: Sep. 01, 2022

Whether you love 'em or loathe 'em, spiders are good for your garden — and these pictures of spiders invite you to see them in a new light.

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Courtesy Debbie Thoumsin

Sunny Spider

“This desert marigold was in my backyard in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was quite surprised that upon looking closely, there is a yellow spider inside. I didn’t realize it was in there until I downloaded the picture,” says Debbie Thoumsin. Like pictures of spiders? Check out unique pictures of bugs.

Bnbbyc17 Christy Hader 1
Courtesy Christy Hader

Peek-a-Boo Spider

“I like this picture of a dahlia because I really enjoy macro shots. They enable you to see parts of the flower that you normally don’t see because they’re so small. In this one, I hadn’t realized there was a little spider in the flower until I took this photo and had a really close look!” says Christy Hader. When you’re done looking at pictures of spiders, check out facts about garden spiders.

Bnbbyc17 Erick Watson
Courtesy Erick Watson

Spider on a Daisy

“This photograph represents the amazing little surprises you find when you get up close with nature. On its own, this daisy flower makes a great subject with its different shapes, colors, and textures. The splash of rain adds another dimension as well, but I didn’t expect to find this amazing, tiny spider building itself a shelter using the petals. If you look closely between the lower petals on the right, you can see some of the spider’s strands of silk pulling and connecting them together!” says Erick Watson.

Bnbbyc17 Margaret Goodwin 2
Courtesy Margaret Goodwin

Spider Looks for Dinner

“The red bird of paradise flower is wonderfully vibrant and attractive. So attractive, in fact, that this spider thought it might hide out there to catch some dinner,” says Margaret Goodwin. Discover illuminating facts about lightning bugs.

Bnbbyc18 Cheryl Kelly 1
Courtesy Cheryl Kelly

Spider on a Marigold

“I photographed this spider in late spring on some marigolds I plant every year near my back porch. I’ve been trying to make my yard bird, butterfly, spider, and pollinator-friendly. I noticed this guy on the flowers one morning early after I did my daily watering. I am currently learning to do macro photography, and this was my first real attempt. The spider shows so well against the orange marigold,” says Cheryl Kelly. Just like spiders, beetles are helpful garden bugs.

Dandelion And Tiny Spider, pictures of spiders
Courtesy Christene Johnson

Teeny Tiny Spider

“I had been out shooting flowers, and the insects that come along with them, when I saw this seeding dandelion. I know these are not prized flowers, but I liked that part of the seeds was missing. When I started shooting, there was a slight breeze that made it tough to get a clear shot. I waited for a break in the breeze, and just when I pressed the shutter, this tiny spider blew on the dandelion. The breeze blew the spider off after this shot,” Christene Johnson. Psst—these are the 8 bugs you should never kill in your garden.

crab spider, pictures of bugs, pictures of spiders
Courtesy Joan Hunt

Gorgeous White Spider

“This morning glory flower was planted in early spring by seed at the foot of an old iron bed. One bloom caught my eye because of the little white spider on it. I noticed that the white stamen on the flower matched the color of the spider, making them both stand out against the bright purple background,” says Joan Hunt. Learn about ladybugs with these interesting ladybug facts you didn’t know.

Bnbbyc19 Janice Marchese Dup, pictures of spiders
Courtesy Janice Marchese

Butterfly and Spider

“I always try to include zinnia flowers in my gardens each year. The butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators love them. I enjoy taking photographs in my gardens, and this photograph of a painted lady butterfly was taken in my Tennessee home garden in the summer. I noticed a small spider sitting on the top of the zinnia, which caught my attention. To my surprise, this beautiful butterfly landed and sipped some nectar while sharing the flower with the spider,” says Janice Marchese.

Bnbbyc19 Sandra Rand 3, pictures of spiders
Courtesy Sandra Reed

Hidden Spider Visitor

“This was the first time I’d planted zinnia from seed. I took this picture in my flower bed, and the tiny spider was just an added bonus!” says Sandra Rand. Love insects? Learn more about the praying mantis: fierce and fascinating garden bugs.

274955966 1 Kenneth Shaull Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Kenneth Shaull

Spider on a Country Road

While on an Iowa countryside photo journey, I noticed some beautiful purple blossoms. Looking a little closer I noticed a curious looking bug in the bloom. Turns out that it is a spider. Just goes to show it pays to look closely at nature,” says Kenneth Shaull.

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