7 Creepy Crawly Facts About Spiders

Hone your backyard spidey senses and learn about these garden good guys.

  1. The three most common garden spiders in North America are the black and yellow, silver, and banded. These garden allies provide natural pest control.
  2. An egg sac produced by a female  banded garden spider may contain more than 1,000 eggs.
  3. There are more than 175 orb weaver types of spiders in North America, which is just a fraction of the roughly 40,000 spider species in the world.
  4. A female black and yellow garden spider feasts on prey up to two times her size.
  5. Garden spiders are part of the orb weaver family and create circular webs that may reach up to 24 inches in diameter. The intricate webs are designed to capture and immobilize prey.
  6. Despite having eight eyes, these creatures have relatively poor vision. They are better at picking up vibrations. Sometimes they leave their web, attach themselves to it with a single silk strand, and pounce when they feel the vibration of prey caught in the web.
  7. Put out the welcome mat for garden spiders with these four tips:
    • Lay mulch to create protection and humidity.
    • Provide places for web attachment.
    • Leave your garden intact for winter spider habitat.
    • Avoid pesticide use.

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