How to Store Vegetables So They Stay Fresh Longer

Updated: Aug. 24, 2022

You should not store all vegetables in the fridge. Preserve fresh picked flavor with this handy guide.

Which Vegetables Should You Store in the Fridge?

As farmers markets and your vegetable garden reach their peak, your kitchen overflows with produce. You need to know how to store vegetables to keep them fresh, so they don’t go to waste. Learn which veggies belong on the counter, which belong in the fridge, and how long all that freshness keeps.

Close-Up Of Artichoke Against White Background
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Refrigerate unwashed artichokes up to four days. Check out 13 spring vegetables to grow for an early harvest.

Green asparagus on white ground
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Refrigerate unwashed spears in a sealed bag or beeswax wrap for up to four days. Learn how and when to thin vegetable seedlings.

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Store unwashed in a sealed plastic bag or a covered container in the refrigerator crisper drawer up to three days. Discover the top 10 vegetables that grow well in shade.

beets in basket


Cut off greens about 2 inches above the beets. Refrigerate greens separately in a sealed plastic bag or storage container up to three days. Refrigerate uncooked beets in an open plastic bag up to two weeks. Follow these tips for saving tomato and veggie seeds from your harvest.

Close-up Organic Broccoli Cluster Growing in Field
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Store unwashed in an open plastic bag or container in the refrigerator up to four days. Psst—plant these fast-growing vegetables you can harvest quickly.

Close-Up Of Brussels Sprouts Against White Background
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Brussels Sprouts

Refrigerate unwashed sprouts in an open plastic bag or container for up to three days. Extend the harvest with the top 10 fall vegetables.

Cabbage in the farmer's hand
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Refrigerate unwashed heads of cabbage for up to two weeks. These perennial vegetables grow back each year.

Carrots in Bowl
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Trim the tops and root ends. Refrigerate unwashed and unpeeled in a sealed plastic bag for one to two weeks. Learn why you should grow heirloom veggies.

spring vegetables, isolated cauliflower on white background
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Refrigerate unwashed in an open plastic bag up to five days. New to growing your own food? Check out the top 10 easy-to-grow vegetables.

Organic Swiss chard
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Store unwashed leaves in a sealed plastic bag or reusable bag for two or three days. Check out the 10 best peppers to grow in your veggie garden.

Corn, summer fruits and vegetables
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Don’t store this vegetable for too long. Sweet corn tastes best when eaten quickly. Refrigerate unshucked ears in an open plastic bag; use within two days. Don’t miss these harvest-themed gifts for vegetable gardeners.

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Refrigerate unwashed cucumbers for up to two weeks. From carrots to cucumbers, here’s your guide to veggie-harvest times.

summer fruits and vegetables, eggplant on wooden background
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Refrigerate unwashed in an open plastic bag up to three days. Check out the top tomato growing tips for the ultimate crop, and discover 6 genius ways to use up extra tomatoes and veggies.

Fresh mustard greens
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Refrigerate unwashed greens in a sealed plastic bag up to three days. Check out the best microgreens kits to grow indoors.

spring vegetables, Farm worker inspecting organic kale leaves
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Wrap in a moist paper towel or place in a sealed plastic bag, then refrigerate up to one week. Learn how to grow colorful and edible ornamental kale.

Raw kohlrabies
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Refrigerate unwashed in an open bag for two to four weeks. Learn how to grow, harvest and use chives.

summer fruits and vegetables, Close-Up Of Okras On White Background
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Refrigerate unwashed okra pods loosely wrapped in a plastic bag for only two or three days. Check out the top 10 herbs to grow for cooking.

fresh onion
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Keep onions in a dark, well ventilated area up to three weeks. Check out the 10 seed catalogs every gardener needs.



Store parsnips in a cool, relatively humid location for two to four weeks. Here’s how to create a windowsill herb garden.

Open pod of young green peas with round peas close-up
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Peas, Garden

Refrigerate unwashed, unshelled pea pods in an open plastic bag up to two days. Follow these tips for freezing garden vegetables.

Snow Pea
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Peas, Snow and Sugar Snap

Place in the refrigerator unwashed pea pods in an open plastic bag up to two days. Stock up on canning supplies to preserve your fruits and veggies.

Hot Peppers
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Peppers, Chili

Refrigerate unwashed chili peppers wrapped in paper towels up to two weeks. Discover the top 10 best tomatoes to grow.

Green, yellow and red bell peppers isolated on white background
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Peppers, Sweet

Refrigerate unwashed peppers for up to five days. Learn the right way to ripen green tomatoes.

how to store vegetables, New potato isolated on white background close up
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Keep potatoes in a dark, cool, dry, well-ventilated area for up to two months. Do not store these vegetables with onions or in the refrigerator. Can you eat green potatoes?

how to store vegetables, Pumpkin Against White Background
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Keep a pumpkin in a cool, dry place up to one month. Learn how to grow your own pumpkins and gourds.

Organic Easter Egg radishes in a bunch.
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Remove the leaves and roots and refrigerate unwashed whole radishes in a sealed, airtight plastic bag for about a week. Check out the top 10 dwarf fruit trees for small spaces.

Bright red organic rhubarb stalks shooting from the vegetable garden.
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Refrigerate whole stalks up to three weeks in sealed bags; keep cut-up stalks in a sealed bag for two to three weeks. Learn how to harvest rhubarb the right way (hint – don’t cut it).

how to store vegetables, Three rutabagas in row
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Store these root vegetables in a cool, humid location for four to six months. Did you know: Tomatoes make great sunflower companion plants.

spring vegetables, Fresh spinach leaves in colander on wood
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Refrigerate unwashed spinach leaves in a sealed plastic bag up to five days. Psst—roses love garlic: here’s why.

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Squash, Summer

Store these vegetables in the refrigerator unwashed up to four days. Discover 5 tasty ways to deal with zucchini overload.

Half Butternut Pumpkins, seed saving
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Squash, Winter

Store unwashed winter squash in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area up to four weeks. Stock up on seed starter kits and supplies to jump-start your garden.

how to store vegetables, Sliced and whole sweet potatoes, close up
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Sweet Potatoes

Keep unwashed sweet potatoes in a dark, cool, dry, well-ventilated area for up to one week. Eat the rainbow with 11 vegetables of different colors.

Red and Green Organic Tomatoes on theVine
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Store unwashed tomatoes at room temperature until ripe; keep away from windows and direct sunlight. Should you grow heirloom or hybrid tomatoes?

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Refrigerate unwashed turnips for up to a week. Next, check out the best mushroom growing kits and logs.