6 Genius Ways to Use Up Extra Tomatoes and Veggies

Updated: Aug. 10, 2022

Is your garden too productive this year? Not sure what to do with all of those tomatoes? Make the most out of your abundance of produce.

What to Do With Extra Tomatoes and Veggies

Did you grow too many tomato plants and veggies again? Me too. But don’t start planning to sneak zucchini onto your neighbor’s front porch just yet. Birds & Blooms readers shared their best ideas for what to do with extra tomatoes and surplus produce.

1. Prep and Freeze Extra Tomatoes

what to do with extra tomatoesFunwithfood/Getty Images
Fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes 

When I’m lucky enough to have extra tomatoes, I roast them with garlic and olive oil and freeze them in two-cup portions,” says Kathy Eppers of Aledo, Texas. “It’s the perfect base for a pasta sauce.”

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2. Give Extra Produce to Farm Animals

Strawberries...picture alliance/Getty Images
Strawberries for sale at a market

Megan McCloud of Woodbine, Maryland has a clever suggestion: “We give leftover corn and strawberries to our chickens and goats.”

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3. Set Up a Veggie Swap

what to do with extra tomatoesREDA&CO/Getty Images
Clusters of cherry tomatoes

Set up a little free library for vegetables! “My home-based business lets me share with clients,” says Lorraine Schmit of Mass City, Michigan. “They swap their harvest with me, too.”

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4. Make Friends With the Neighbors

Shawnda Hurley of Kelso, Washington and her husband, Roy, came up with a genius way to give away fresh veggies—while also being great neighbors! “Roy loads them up in his tractor and drives around the neighborhood to give them away,” Shawnda says. “Who needs an ice cream man when you have a fresh veggie man?”

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5. Offer Extra Veggies to Backyard Wildlife

Rabbit looking at flowersCourtesy Darrell Albee
Rabbit in the flower garden

Mike Froio of Rome, New York thinks about backyard critters who might like to stop by for a bite. “I leave out leftover sliced carrots for the chipmunks, deer and rabbits in my backyard,” he says.

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6. Share the Bounty With Your Community

Portrait of mature woman with baskets of harvested vegetables and man working in the background. Horizontal shot.stevecoleimages/Getty Images
Woman and man harvesting vegetables

Carol Brisky of Canby, Oregon says: “My husband and I live in a senior community where we have a raised-bed garden. We put our extra veggies in a decorative box for residents who are unable to grow their own.

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