Top 10 Flowering Perennials That Bloom All Summer

Updated: Aug. 04, 2022

It can be tricky to find flowering perennials that bloom all through the season, but these picks are sure to keep your garden growing.

Coreopsis, flowering perennials
Darwin Perennials

Coreopsis ‘Golden Stardust’

Blooms: June-November

Zones: 5-9

Coreopsis is known for its non-fussy nature, and this pretty yellow-and-red bloom is sure to be a standout among the flowering perennials in your garden.

Why we love it: Not only is this plant “carefree and easy to grow” according to Darwin Perennials, but it also attracts bees and butterflies and is frost tolerant. What more could you ask for?

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Darwin Perennials

Lavender Primavera

Blooms: February-November in hardy climates

Zones: 7-9

Also known as Spanish lavender, this plant is the perfect choice for many looking to add the sweet-scented purple flower to their garden. Lavender primavera blooms all the summer in the North and mid-South, and in mid-winter in the deep south. It’s the most versatile Spanish lavender.

Why we love it: There’s nothing like the fragrance of lavender plants to liven up a yard. And this flowering perennial attracts hummingbirds, too!

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Darwin Perennials

Salvia Mirage series

Blooms: March-September in hardy climates

Zones: 7-9 or annual

You could plant a rainbow of salvias for hummingbirds with the salvia Mirage series plants. They’re available in a wide variety of colors, including soft pink, dark pink, purple and red. They’re heat and frost-tolerant and do best in well-drained soil.

Why we love it: Salvia’s known as a hummer favorite, but this flowering perennial attracts butterflies, too.

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Screen Shot 2022 06 21 At 12.24.49 Pm
Darwin Perennials

Viola Halo series

Blooms: February-October (in warmer climates), May-October (in colder climates)

Zones: 4-9

This hardy viola is a showstopper for any garden and a standout even among other flowering perennials. The beautiful flowers remind us of a summer sunset, and it keeps blooming all season long.

Why we love it: We think this petite plant (it grows 8 to 10 inches high) would look great in a container garden.

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Screen Shot 2022 06 21 At 12.49.49 Pm
Darwin Perennials

Gaura ‘Whiskers Deep Rose’

Blooms: May-September

Zones: 6-9

It’s clear why this plant is called “whiskers” — just take a look at the unique blooms. It thrives in full sun and attracts a variety of backyard favorites, including butterflies and hummingbirds.

Why we love it: There’s one backyard visitor this plant doesn’t bring in: Deer. In fact, it’s deer-resistant!

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Screen Shot 2022 06 21 At 1.07.29 Pm, flowering perennials
Darwin Perennials

Agastache ‘Little Adder’

Blooms: May-September

Zones: 5-9

Provide plenty of nectar for your favorite summer fliers with “Little Adder” Agastache. The beautiful purple blooms on these flowering perennials are sure to draw plenty of admiration from pollinators and your neighbors.

Why we love it: This agastache variety promises to offer three times the blooming power. We’ll take this one!

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Screen Shot 2022 06 22 At 12.01.46 Pm, flowering perennials
Darwin Perennials

Delosperma Ocean Sunset series

Blooms: April-October

Zones: 5-9

Also known as Ice Plant, this gorgeous flower is all about bright colors — especially the “Orange Glow” variety. It prefers well-drained soils and has a high flower count per plant, so you know you’ll be getting plenty of blooms for your buck!

Why we love it: Any of the flowers in this series do well when planted in pots.

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Screen Shot 2022 06 21 At 1.51.56 Pm, flowering perennials
Darwin Perennials

Digitalis Arctic Fox Rose

Blooms: May-September

Zones: 5-9

Also known as foxglove, this pretty flower is an especially good pick for gardeners in the North. It’s frost-tolerant and deer resistant. Growers advise removing old blooms throughout the season to allow fresh ones to grow. Keep in mind that foxglove is poisonous. So you may want to avoid growing it if you have young children and curious pets.

Why we love it: Like many of the flowering perennials selected for this list, it’s an excellent choice for a pollinator garden.

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Darwin Perennials

Echinacea Sombrero series

Blooms: June-August (about 10-12 weeks)

Zones: 4-9

Also known as coneflower, this plant is an ideal selection for a gardener looking to add a variety of colors to their yard. The Echinacea Sombrero variety is available in 12 different sub-types, including yellow, red, white, pink and orange. Like other coneflowers, it attracts butterflies.

Why we love it: You might find birds at your coneflowers in the changing seasons. Goldfinches like to eat the seeds in fall.

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nepeta catmint
Via Burpee

Nepeta Walker’s Low

Blooms: May-September

Zones: 3-8

You might know this familiar backyard plant as catmint. Much like lavender, catmint produces a lovely scent and attract pollinators like butterflies and bees. Walker’s Low is one of the longest blooming varieties; just be sure to give it plenty of growing room.

Why we love it: Catmint is also a hummingbird favorite!

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