7 Essential Facts About Lavender Plants

Learn helpful tips about growing and caring for lavender plants, including how much sun they need and how long they bloom.

A bumblebee on a lavender plant.nicolagoddard/Getty Images
A bumblebee on a lavender plant

Lavender Comes From a Big Plant Family

Lavender plants are part of the mint family and boast more than 450 varieties found throughout the world. There’s sure to be one that’s right for your flower garden!

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Lavender Plants Have a Long Bloom Time

Depending on the species and season, lavender plants may bloom for up to eight weeks. So you’ll have a long time to enjoy their beauty and fragrance in your garden.

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Lavender Plant Care: Specific Soil Needs

Aromatic lavender plants need well-draining and neutral soil with a pH of about 7, which mimics their native Mediterranean habitat.

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lavender and swallowtailCourtesy Becka Phillips
Swallowtail on lavender

How to Plant Lavender: Give It Space to Grow

Space lavender plants at least 12 inches apart when planting to give the beautiful, wand-like blooms room to spread out and thrive. Learn more about adding lavender to your garden.

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Where to Plant Lavender: Full Sun

Don’t put lavender in your shade garden. To truly flourish, a lavender plant needs at least six hours in the sun per day—longer is even better.

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Lavender Plants Produce an Essential Oil

English lavender plants might produce only 1/4 teaspoon of lavender oil per pound of flower heads. Luckily, other lavender species and cultivars produce much more oil.

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Look for Lavender Down Under

Want the ultimate lavender experience? One of the world’s largest privately owned lavender farms is Australia’s Bridestowe Lavender Estate, with 260 acres of blooming purple beauty. 

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