‘Citrus Splash’ Is the Gorgeous Multicolored Rose You Need in Your Garden

The 'Citrus Splash' rose brings the garden to life with splashes of vivid orange and yellow on the abundant blooms. It's one of the prettiest roses we've ever seen.

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Picture brushstrokes of rich color in a watercolor painting. That is what the petals of the ‘Citrus Splash’ rose look like — as though each one was hand-painted with hues of lemony yellow and fiery reddish-orange. It looks citrusy, and has an intoxicating, citrus scent as well.

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Why We Love ‘Citrus Splash’ Roses

The ‘Citrus Splash’ from Heirloom Roses is a floribunda rose that flowers prolifically. The double blooms and bright colors stand out nicely against dark green foliage. Floribundas are a favorite of gardeners because they are hardy and require minimal care, while also producing continuous blooms and lovely fragrance. When ‘Citrus Splash’ flowers open, they are striped with yellow and deep orange. As the blooms mature they change — to yellow and a luscious raspberry pink.

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The sight of these roses in bloom is breathtaking, and you can cut them to bring their beauty and fragrance inside. This rose will also attract beneficial pollinators to your garden.

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Where to Plant It

‘Citrus Splash’ grows up to 5 feet high with a four to five foot spread. The rigid and shrubby growth of the rose makes it great for a hedge planting, or to add to flower beds and borders. It needs a full sun location and will grow best in zones 6 to 9. (Not sure what growing zone you’re in? Check this map from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.) Plant it near windows and walkways where the citrusy fragrance can be really appreciated.

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How to Grow This Rose

Plant the ‘Citrus Splash’ rose after the last frost in the spring, or six weeks before the first frost in the fall. The roses require fertile, well-drained soil, and a location that gets sun all day long. Leave space between plants to allow for the mature spread of about 5 feet, and keep the roses watered consistently. Aphids may appear on this rose, but if treated early in the spring they can be easily controlled. Like many plants, the ‘Citrus Splash’ may be slow to get started when first planted, but don’t worry: it’s a long-lived plant and you will see more abundant and beautiful flowers with each year.

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