The Top 10 Dorm Room Plants for College Students

Updated: Jul. 23, 2021

When you're shopping for college, don't forget about plants! We found the best dorm room plants that are fun-to-grow, carefree, and even purify the air!

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mini succulents


Even if you’ve never grown indoor plants before, succulents are a great way to start. Small, colorful succulents are popular for a reason. These dorm room plants will keep on growing even if you get busy hitting the books and forget to water them.

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snake plant
Via Merchant

Snake Plant

Snake plants grow tall, not wide, so they’re a good choice for small spaces. They’re also known for their air-purifying qualities—a must have quality for dorm room plants! And they’re nearly impossible to kill. Drought, low-light, neglect—this tough plant can handle it.

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Bloomscape Pothos Collection Terra Cotta Crop0621 Scaled E1625247167764


The pretty variegated leaves will brighten up even the dimmest dorm room corner. Carefree pothos plants are a cinch to grow, and they remove toxins from the air. This plant looks especially lovely trailing out of a hanging basket.

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zz plant, dorm room plants

ZZ Plant

This waxy plant stores water in rhizomes under the soil, so you only need to water it every few weeks. So your can devote your brain power to the classroom (or remembering to do laundry before you run out of socks).

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hoya heart plant
Via The Sill

Hoya Heart Plant

Want to prevent home sickness? Send your college student to school with an adorable heart-shaped doom room plant as a reminder of their loved ones back home.

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flamingo flower
Via Amazon.comAnthurium

Flower lovers will adore anthurium, also known as flamingo flower. It’s almost always filled with brightly colored pink or red “blooms,” which are actually waxy leaves that look gorgeous for weeks.

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aloe vera
Via Walmart

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a long-living type of succulent. It should last all four (five?) years of college, and even into grad school. Plus, it’s a good dorm room plant to have on hand if you accidentally burn your arm while cooking a frozen pizza.

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lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

No dorm room plants can guarantee your student will pass their final exams with flying colors. But a little bit of luck certainly can’t hurt, right?

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money plant

Money Plant

Money for college doesn’t grow on trees, but this dorm room plant might remind your college student to save a few dollars (or get a job).

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air plants

Air Plants

No soil, no problem! Your fellow students will be fascinated by these unique plants absorb moisture out of the air. Just mist the air plants with water occasionally and keep them out of direct sunlight so they don’t dry out.

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