Lungwort Plants Are a Breath of Fresh Air

Learn why lungwort plants are such a good match for hummingbirds, how and where to grow lungwort, and which cultivars you shouldn't pass up.

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Spot On lungwort plant with pink and blue flowers.PROVENWINNERS.COM
Spot On lungwort plant

Despite the ugly name, lungwort plants are easy to maintain, low growing and the perfect filler plant for attracting wildlife. The foliage alone is beautiful—the small pointed leaves have gorgeous light speckling. Plus many have beautiful flowers in late spring.

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Grow Lungwort Plants for Hummingbirds

Lungwort is a hummingbird magnet. The enthusiastic little birds love the its delicate, tube-shaped flowers. Check out more colorful flowers that attract hummingbirds.

It’s no secret that hummingbirds are territorial. So try growing a few of these plants in different spots so the birds share the flowers. You’ll also notice bees and other pollinators visiting the blooms.

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Where and How to Grow Lungwort

One of lungwort’s biggest benefits is that it grows well in shade or part shade, while many hummingbird plants require full sun. It grows about 16 inches tall and spreads about two feet wide. Plant in fertile to average soil with good drainage.

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Lungwort Cultivars to Try

A new arrival to the garden center, Spot On lungwort’s claim to fame is its salmon-colored buds and blooms that mature to a rich blue, and silver-spotted leaves. Pretty in Pink has the same attributes, just in pink.

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Rachel Maidl
Rachel Maidl is a former senior editor for Birds & Blooms magazine. She enjoys bird-watching in her urban backyard and local state parks, gardening for pollinators and researching new plants. Her favorite backyard visitors are the bumblebees that visit her sedums.