Attracting Butterflies

Want to add some winged wonder to your backyard? Attract butterflies with these butterfly gardening ideas and our expert tips on the best plants and flowers that attract butterflies.

Quiz: How Many Butterflies Can You ID?

Take our butterfly challenge and see how many you know!

Grow Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies in 5 Simple Steps

Help monarchs thrive by growing their favorite food in your yard.

Tips for Attracting the First Spring Butterflies

Learn which butterflies appear first, what they feed on, and the best actions for supporting and attracting the first spring...

5 Basic Butterfly Behaviors to Know

Take your butterfly gardening to the next level by learning some of their most common habits to look for.

6 Cool Facts About Butterfly Houses

Take a tour of these popular destinations where butterflies roam.

Help Migrating Monarchs with Fall Nectar Flowers

A journey of a thousand miles (or more) starts with lots of fall nectar flowers. Plant fall blooming flowers to...

Can I Fix a Broken Butterfly Wing?

It’s hard to see a battered butterfly struggle. Learn if it’s really appropriate to try to fix a broken butterfly...

Facts About Cloudless Sulphur Butterflies

The cloudless sulphur is one of those species that put the "butter" in butterfly! Learn more about this species.

Is This Insect a Moth or Butterfly?

Many people think moths are the nighttime equivalent of butterflies, but it’s not quite that simple. Learn the differences between...

How Butterflies and Bugs Hibernate

Butterflies and bugs make themselves at home nestled under leaves or hidden beneath tree bark in the backyard.

Fall Butterfly Garden Tips

Help butterflies get ready to pass the winter safely with these butterfly garden tips for the fall months.

How to Attract Pipevine Swallowtails to the Butterfly Garden

Want to see a Pipevine Swallowtail in your own garden? Try planting native pipevines plants to draw them in.

Monarch Egg or Aphid? How to Tell the Difference

Not sure what you've got on your milkweed plants? Learn to tell the difference between a monarch egg and an...

What Do Butterflies Eat?

You know they drink nectar from flowers, but how exactly do butterflies eat? Find out in this video.

The Pros and Cons of Common Milkweed

Common milkweed is good for monarch butterflies, but is it right for your garden?

Attract Butterflies with Late Asters

Late-blooming asters will attract butterflies to your garden throughout the end of summer and into fall.

Top 10 Plants for Swallowtail Butterflies

Transform your backyard garden into a swallowtail butterfly paradise with these flower favorites.

Look for Clouded Sulphur Butterflies in Your Backyard

The pretty yellow Clouded Sulphur is a common sight in the butterfly garden. Learn more about this species.

Attract Butterflies with Zin Master Seed Mix

This seed mix seems to include every kind of zinnia under the sun, and every one of them is made...

5 Easy Ways to Attract and Help Butterflies

Attract more of these fluttering beauties to your backyard with a few simple steps. Plus learn tips to help butterflies...

Fruit Feeder to Attract Butterflies and Birds

Some butterflies prefer fruit to flowers, and certain birds enjoy a sweet treat too. Attract butterflies and birds with this...

Roosting in the Butterfly Garden

When butterflies need to rest or take shelter, they find a place to roost. Learn how to make your butterfly...

Attracting Birds and Wildlife in Extreme Weather

From blizzards to heat waves we'll show you how to attract birds, bats and butterflies by turning your backyard into...

Watch a Butterfly Feeding

If you've never looked closely at a butterfly feeding, this video gives you the chance.

Attracting Butterflies: Common Buckeye

Despite the name, the Common Buckeye is anything but ordinary. The eyespots make this brown butterfly a real attention-getter!

Big Eyes in the Butterfly Garden

Butterflies and caterpillars use “eyespots” to scare off predators in the butterfly garden and beyond!

Attracting Butterflies with Fruit

Flowers aren't the only way to bring butterflies to your garden. Learn about attracting butterflies with fruit too.