Attracting Butterflies

Want to add some winged wonder to your backyard? Attract butterflies with these butterfly gardening ideas and our expert tips on the best plants and flowers that attract butterflies.

Diary of Monarch Migration

The "super-generation" of butterflies that migrates to Mexico each year is simply amazing. Learn about the monarch migration journey.

Watching Butterflies

Watching butterflies is a delight at any age, but finding them can be a challenge. Get tips to make butterfly...

Year-Round Guide to Butterflies

Butterflies aren't just for summer. Here’s what to look for as the habits of these irresistible charmers change with the...

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Butterflies in Winter

With snow already on the ground in some areas and the cold winds of winter starting to blow in others,

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Giant Swallowtail, a stunning butterfly

When I spotted this beauty this morning I said ‘wow’-it was such a stunning butterfly especially as it fed on

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Atala Hairstreak: A Butterfly Success Story

We’ve been having an exciting couple of weeks at the butterfly exhibit where I work. About a month ago, we

Monarch Migration Magic

Monarchs undertake the longest known butterfly migration. Learn how they do it.

Myths and Facts About Butterfly Host Plants

It takes more than nectar to increase the variety of species in your garden. Learn about butterfly host plants and...

Attracting Butterflies With Fuzzy Flowers

Fuzzy flower heads contain hundreds of tiny nectar-filled florets, attracting butterflies from near and far.

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Beautiful Perennials for a Colorful, Butterfly Garden

Do you know what is better then a garden bed filled with colorful perennials?  One that is filled with perennials

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My Most Common Backyard Butterflies

It’s not an exaggeration to say that there are basically always butterflies in my Central Florida yard. We have a

Great Spangled Fritillary

When most people see a flash of orange from a passing butterfly, they automatically assume it’s a monarch. There are

How to Make a Butterfly Garden Planter

How to Make a Butterfly Garden Planter

Viceroy Butterfly: A Monarch Mimic

Ah, the poor Viceroy (Limenitis archippus) butterfly. Everybody always thinks it’s a Monarch, when it’s really very beautiful and special

Butterfly Love

At the butterfly exhibit where I work, our guests frequently point out pairs of butterflies that seem to be “stuck

Pentas: Perfect in Butterfly Gardens

At the butterfly garden where I work, I get asked pretty much every day which nectar flowers are best for...

Spring Butterflies: Mourning Cloak

Some folks still have snow on the ground, but others are starting too see signs of spring. A friend of

Pineapple Sage for Cool-Season Butterflies

It’s no secret that most salvia species are great nectar providers for butterflies and hummingbirds. One of my favorites is

How Butterflies Seek Shelter From a Storm

Anytime a hurricane threatens here in the South, we get a lot of questions at the butterfly free-flight exhibit where

Simple Butterfly Photography Tips

Simple Butterfly Photography Tips

“Punctuation” Butterflies: Commas and the Question Mark

One of my favorite groups of butterflies are known as the “Anglewings” due to their interesting wing shapes, reflected in

Eggs in the Garden, or Where Caterpillars Come From

If you’re a good butterfly gardener, your garden is filled with nectar plants. If you’re a great butterfly gardener, your garden

Monarchs, Queens, and Butterfly Mimicry

Most people are familiar with the beautiful Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus). It can be found throughout most of the country,

Be on the Lookout for Red Admirals Butterflies in Spring

During spring migration, keep your eyes peeled for the common and stunning Red Admiral butterfly.

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Parsley Caterpillar

I love to have fresh herbs to pick when cooking. Nothing better than their just-picked flavor and heady fragrance. Since

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Focus on Natives: Giant Swallowtail Butterfly

If you live in the Southeast, perhaps you’ve seen one of these beauties floating through your gardens. It’s the Giant

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Focus on Natives: Eastern Black Swallowtail

I saw my first Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly the other day, and it immediately sent me running to my parsley