Make the backyard garden of your dreams a reality with these gardening tips and ideas from our experts.

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Grow an Easy-Care Rugosa Rose for Rugged Beauty

Forget what you know about roses and discover why long-lasting, fragrant rugosa roses are sure to be a gorgeous garden winner.

Should You Grow Hybrid or Heirloom Tomatoes?

Do you know the difference between hybrid vs heirloom tomatoes? The great tomato debate has been going on for years.

Stock Flower Care and Growing Tips

Welcome the scent of spicy stock flower to your cool season garden. These blooms are fragrant, vibrant and great for...

Hardy Cranesbill Geranium Care and Growing Tips

Perennial cranesbill geranium plants are easy to grow and highly adaptable. Enjoy the long-blooming flowers in many garden conditions.

Top 10 Bearded Iris Flowers for Your Garden

From bright blue to cheery yellow and even multicolored blooms, brighten up your garden with the beauty of bearded iris...

How to Grow Your Own Fresh Strawberry Patch

Follow this guide and learn how to grow a bumper crop of strawberries at home—including how to grow strawberries in...

7 Surprising Facts About Invasive Plants

From purple loosestrife to kudzu, find facts about invasive plants—and learn why you'll want to eliminate these non-natives from your...

Top 10 Fast Growing Vines and Climbing Flowers

Color your garden with flowering vines. Add beauty and height with our recommendations for fast growing vines and climbing flowers.

5 Container Garden Ideas to Attract Hummingbirds

Make a big impact with these container garden ideas. Fill your container with pollinator-friendly plants that add pizzazz to your...

Grow Native Butterfly Weed for Monarchs

Butterfly weed is a perfect milkweed variety for flower gardens. Here's why you should add this monarch host plant to...

Native Blanket Flower Blankets Gardens in Bold Color

Blanket flower is a native wildflower that is easy to grow from seed. It is reliable and adaptable, and will...

Meet the Tiny Fiery Skipper Butterfly

Meet the fiery skipper: one of the smallest butterflies in the skipper family. Plus, learn about fiery skipper caterpillars and...

7 Fascinating Berry Facts You Need to Know

Brush up on your berry facts and boost your knowledge of the fruits you love! Learn which fruits are (and...

Grow Sugar Crystal Double Tulips for Fringed Flowers

These fringed, double tulips bring on the frills and ruffles with pink flowers that bloom in late spring. They're ideal...

How to Save and Plant Milkweed Seeds From Pods

Milkweed seeds are tricky to grow. Learn how to save seeds from milkweed pods and when to plant milkweed seeds...

How to Grow Tropical Plumeria Flowers (Frangipani)

Get plumeria care and growing tips, including watering and overwintering. This tropical plant is fragrant and a good choice for...

Dame’s Rocket Vs. Phlox: What’s the Difference?

Despite showy similarities, one of these plants is invasive. Learn how to tell the differences between dame's rocket vs phlox.

25 Pictures That Will Change How You See Bugs

Never think of bugs as creepy or crawly again! These bug pictures show how amazing (and beautiful) these creatures really...

Does No Mow May Really Help Pollinators?

No Mow May has been gaining ground. Here’s what you should know before letting your lawn grow wild—including the benefits...

Balloon Flower Care and Growing Tips

Blueish-purple balloon flower is well suited for growing in almost any garden. This pretty perennial needs little care to thrive.

Lungwort (Pulmonaria) Flower Care and Growing Tips

A pollinator pleaser and delight for shady, moist areas, here's how to successfully care for lungwort (Pulmonaria) in your garden.

How to Grow Common Foxglove (Digitalis) Plants

If you decide to bring common foxglove into your backyard garden, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Grow Bougainvillea for Tropical Color in Any Garden

Though it's a tropical plant, grow bougainvillea in areas where it is not hardy as an annual or in containers,...

Lantana Flower Brings Easy Color to Beds and Containers

Discover how to grow vibrant lantana flower for long-lasting color that draws hummingbirds and butterflies like a magnet.

How to Grow Hollyhocks (Alcea) in Your Flower Garden

Hollyhocks are old-fashioned flowers, typical of the "cottage garden" style. Known for their height, hollyhocks create walls of color.

Help the Native Bees in Your Backyard

Learn important facts about native bees. Plant your garden with native bees in mind and help these powerful pollinators thrive.

8 Surprising Snail Facts You Should Know

Learn about snails with a roundup of snail facts. Discover what snails eat, when they get shells, how long they...

Lobelia (Cardinal Flower) Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Cardinal flower is a good native plant for a pollinator garden with moist soil. Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to lobelia's...