Make the backyard garden of your dreams a reality with these gardening tips and ideas from our experts.

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Overwintering Potted Plants

Learn how to keep your favorite potted plants with these answers to the most-asked questions about overwintering.

How to Make a Mini Garden

Legend says tiny fairies inhabit gardens. Learn how to make a mini garden just for them, a garden craft sure...

How to Grow Microgreens

Learn how to grow microgreens with this money-saving garden project.

How to Decorate Flower Pots with Mosaic Tiles

Learn how to decorate flower pots to suit any style with this surprisingly easy garden craft project.

DIY Herb Garden Living Wreath

Use a ready-made peat moss wreath or make your own to create this living DIY herb garden crafts project.

DIY Compost Bin

Learn how to compost, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it really is. Build this DIY compost bin and...

Decorative Window Box Plans

This garden craft idea dresses up a plain window box with scalloped lead sheeting for a rustic look.

Keep Your Garden Looking Great with Fall-Blooming Annuals

Even though the days may be getting shorter, these annual flowers will add color to your fall garden.

How to Prune

Follow these basic gardening tips when trimming trees, shrubs and vines.

Cheat Your Climate

Succeed in growing plants you “can’t” with these basic gardening tricks.

How to Root Cuttings from Plants

Learn the basics for growing new plants from cuttings, including what plants you should and should not propagate.

Fall in Love with Jacqueline Peach Fusion Mums

This gorgeous flowering plant will take your breath away, even if you don't love most fall mums.

5 Tips for Freezing Garden Vegetables

Preserve your harvest to enjoy year-round by learning the proper way to freeze your fresh garden vegetables.

Month-by-Month Guide to Healthy Vegetables

A monthly guide to harvesting and enjoying your favorite vegetables.

Growing Peas

Peas are packed with nutrients and are easy to grow in any backyard.

Growing Heirloom Vegetables

Join the heirloom revolution and grow your own heirlooms in your backyard vegetable garden.

Growing Cherries

With a little nurturing, you can grow cherry trees with ease.

Growing Carrots

At the root of it, it just takes a little TLC to grow this nutritious and delicious garden vegetable.

Growing Apples

Apples are a healthy, delicious snack that you can grow yourself or gather from a nearby orchard.

Gardening for Taste

From the fruit and vegetable garden to your kitchen table, it’s all about soul-stirring flavor.

Extend the Harvest Season

Prolong your harvest with tips and techniques for vegetable gardening after the season ends.

Companion Gardening

Some flower and vegetable plants work best when planted together.

Grow Dogwood Trees to Attract Birds

Not only do dogwoods trees have good looks, they also attract wildlife. Add a beautiful tree to your yard for...

Small Trees That Attract Birds for Food, Shelter and Nesting

Attract more birds with these small trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter in all seasons. These varieties are...

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Favorite Fall Plant: Autumn Sage

Living in the Desert Southwest, I am always grateful when September comes around and the summer heat begins to abate.

Dos and Don’ts of Freezing Your Vegetable Harvest

Ready to harvest those veggies? Try freezing them to enjoy long after the summer days are gone!

How Does a Cactus Reproduce?

Find out how do cactus reproduce and how gardeners can propagate a cactus from cuttings to get more free plants.

Colorful Cannas Flowers Add Beauty to Any Garden

Cannas flowers, sometimes called canna lilies, are semi-tropical plants that grow from rhizomes. They are native to warmer regions of...

Opposites Attract: Using Color in the Flower Garden

The color theory of pairing colors together from opposite sides of the color wheel for great contrast works well in...