3 Proven Tips for Attracting Birds with Suet

Updated: Dec. 13, 2023

Once the weather turns cold, it's time to put out suet for your backyard birds. Follow these proven tips to attract more birds to eat suet in winter.

northern flicker on suet feederCourtesy Tammy Lohr Brown
A northern flicker on a suet feeder

Once the weather turns cold, it’s time to put out suet for your backyard birds. Suet is a great food for the winter months as it is a high energy food that is very valuable when temperatures drop. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks for feeding suet to your birds this winter.

Add Fruit and Nuts to Suet

Offer suet with peanuts or dried fruit mixed in. These foods will provide additional nutritional value, and the birds will love the extra treat!

Here’s more homemade suet recipes for feeding birds.

Give Woodpeckers Some Support

The larger woodpeckers need a place to put their tail when perched on a feeder and will be much more comfortable on a suet feeder with a tail prop. This will make them  likely to spent more time on your feeder. Check out the best suet feeders for winter birds.

Discourage Bully Birds

If you are having issues with too many starlings at your suet, try using an upside down suet feeder. Woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, and many others have no problem hanging upside down, but the starlings have much more trouble doing it. It won’t completely stop the starlings, but it will decrease the amount of suet they are eating. Here’s more tips to deal with bully birds at your feeders.