What Should We Really Be Feeding Ducks

Although many people feed bread to ducks, there are other much more nutritious options that you can use to feed ducks near you.

What Should We Really Be Feeding Ducks©Rob Ripma
©Rob Ripma Mallards are the most commonly fed ducks.

We always want to do what is best for the birds. Unfortunately, sometimes what we think is best might actually be hurting them. This tends to be the case with bread and ducks. Bread pretty much no nutritional value but they will still take an easy handout when available. Not only is bread bad for adults, it can be even worse for ducklings. They need a diet high in protein to grow and bread offers only carbohydrates. There are plenty of natural food sources but if you still would like to feed ducks, consider these options that are better than bread.

  • Cracked Corn – You can find this at most bird feeding stores. It’s a cheap and good alternative to bread.
  • Duck Pellets – This is one of the better food options you can offer. They can be found at many farming stores and online.
  • Bird Seed – Ducks will eat the same seed that many of your other birds eat. In fact, in my yard, they tend to clean up anything the other birds drop under my feeders.

Remember, there is plenty of natural food around but if you must feed ducks, do so with food that is nutritious and not harmful.

Rob Ripma
Rob Ripma, a lifelong Indiana resident, has traveled and birded extensively throughout the Americas.