Top 10 Bold Burgundy Perennial Flowers

Updated: Aug. 04, 2022

Like the finest of wines, these sultry garden stars are an intoxicating mix of drama and sophistication. Grow burgundy flowers for bold beauty.


Diva Dahlia

Dahlia ‘diva’, Zones 8 to 10

Prepare to be dazzled by this diva! The color of crushed ripe raspberries, its dramatic blooms are a favorite for both dahlia and cut flower growers. Large 4- to
6-inch burgundy flowers with pointed petals sit atop tall, straight and sturdy stems summer through fall. Where dahlias are not hardy, their tubers need to be dug up and stored over winter before the first frost arrives.

Why we love it: With full and perfectly formed blooms, it looks lovely in bouquets.

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Lilium Landini

Mapira Asiatic Lily

Lilium asiatic ‘mapira’, Zones 4 to 9

One of the darkest lilies on the market, Mapira’s satiny petals are deep maroon at the center and fade to burgundy. Plant the bulbs 6 inches deep in early spring for an early summer show. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this no-fuss beauty that blooms for 4 weeks or more.

Why we love it: Mapira does well in many locations, including perennial beds, cutting gardens or containers, and it even likes a bit of shade.

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Picasso Heuchera

Heuchera ‘Picasso’, Zones 4 to 9

A true visual masterpiece, this heuchera boasts deep burgundy veining edged in lime green, giving the effect that its leaves are hand-painted. In spring, spires of dark pink flowers invite bees and other pollinators. It’s a perfect specimen plant for the shade garden and grows like a champ in containers.

Why we love it: The leaves turn almost a full reddish purple, providing sought-after fall interest.

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Australia Canna

Canna ‘Australia’, Zones 8 to 10

This canna features smoldering crimson blooms and burgundy-bronze foliage. Hummingbirds are big fans, and so is anyone looking for a low-maintenance plant. Overwinter in peat or vermiculite in a cool location.

Why we love it: The flowers are knock-out beautiful, but the foliage brings the drama. Plant in containers to give your patio a tropical feel no matter your latitude.

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Alcea Dblepurple

Double Purple Hollyhock

Alcea rosea ‘double purple’, Zones 2 to 9

Super tall, dark and handsome, this flower boasts old-fashioned charm. Butterflies and hummingbirds that can’t resist the frilly, fist-size blooms. With flower stalks that reach 4 to 6 feet tall, plant this hollyhock along a wall or against a fence.

Why we love it: From midsummer to fall, the crepelike burgundy flowers provide a pop of color when other plants begin to fade.

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Rubysensationcallalily, burgundy flowers

Ruby Sensation Calla Lily

Zantedeschia ‘ruby sensation’, Zones 8 to 11

Add a sophisticated touch to your garden. This one-of-a-kind calla lily gradually intensifies in color from hot pink when its trumpet-shaped flowers emerge to a dazzling burgundy once it is well established. Those in cooler climates will want to take a crack at growing them in containers. Winter indoors as a houseplant when the weather takes a turn.

Why we love it: Ruby Sensation’s fast-growing, white-flecked foliage is just as beautiful as its bold blooms.

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Dicentraformosabacchanal, burgundy flowers

Bacchanal Bleeding Heart

Dicentra formosa ‘bacchanal’, Zones 4 to 9

Small heart-shaped burgundy blooms dangle from slender stems through midsummer, attracting butterflies. And fernlike blue-green foliage persists through the growing season. Keep soil consistently moist for best results.

Why we love it: It pairs well with spring-blooming bulbs and shade-loving perennials, such as hostas.

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Gladiolus Espresso, burgundy flowers

Espresso Gladiolus

Gladiolus ‘espresso’, Zones 8 to 11

This beauty packs a punch with tall stalks of velvety, burgundy flowers. Plant corms at 1-week intervals during May and early June to keep the bloom show going. Full sun, well-draining soil and staking when necessary keeps Espresso happy and healthy.

Why we love it: Busy bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love it!

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Paeoniablackbeauty, burgundy flowers

Black Beauty Double Peony

Paeonia lactiflora ‘Black Beauty’, Zones 3 to 8

Heads turn when this striking perennial blooms in late spring to early summer. Massive burgundy flowers sit above glossy green foliage that turns a soft yellow in fall. And if the sultry color doesn’t knock you out, its intoxicating fragrance will.

Why we love it: Sun-loving double blooms are huge and offer twice the show of single-bloom varieties.

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Red Trillium

Trillium erectum, Zones 4 to 9

This stunner greets spring with burgundy-hued flowers shaped like pretty pinwheels. Deer- and rabbit-resistant, red trillium is the perfect addition to woodland or country gardens. It naturalizes over time, spreading and multiplying with no fuss.

Why we love it: Trillium produces nutritious berries for wildlife once the flowers disappear.

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