10 Winter Garden Ideas to Keep Green Thumbs Happy

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Don't worry, you don't have to stop gardening in winter. These winter garden ideas will keep plant lovers happy until spring.

Keep calm and garden on this winter! Here are six different plant ideas to help you through even the coldest months.

1. Buy New Houseplants

Indoor house plantRhisang Alfarid/Getty Images

If you haven’t been to the houseplant section of your garden center for a while, then it’s time to pay it a visit. Growing houseplants is one of our favorite winter garden ideas. Pick out something you’ve never heard of before, and give it a new home on your windowsill.

“My houseplants spend the warmer months outdoors, but I bring them in during the cold months. They add a little green to winter. This year, I have some potted herbs I’m keeping indoors,” says Megan Long of Red Wing, Minnesota.

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2. Plan Next Year’s Garden

As the snow piles up, start planning your gardens for the coming growing season. Think about new plants you would like to grow. “Lots of flower catalogs help me plan for an even better flower bed the coming year,” says Ginny Price of Taylors, South Carolina.

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3. Grow Annuals Indoors

Geranium, winter garden ideasletty17/Getty Images
Geranium in bloom

If you didn’t bring your own annuals indoors for winter, find a friend who did. Take a cutting from theirs and start some plants of your own. You have nothing to lose, and they just might make good houseplants until spring.

“I bring in my pots of geraniums, cut them back and set them on the windowsill in the basement. They get watered when I do laundry and seem to be quite happy,” says Mary Clark of Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

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4. Conquer Kitchen Scraps

Have fun with your winter garden ideas and try to grow kitchen scraps. This is definitely experimental gardening at its finest. Try to get an avocado pit to sprout some roots, plant carrot tops, or put a pineapple top in a jar of water. It’s exciting to see what happens. Also don’t stop composting in winter.

“In winter, we compost our biodegradable matter. Coffee grounds, egg shells, vegetables and fruit all contribute to the pile. We aerate it with a pitch fork,” says Sue Steele of Essex, Maryland.

5. Plant A Few New Herbs

Mixed Herbs In PotsSilviaJansen/Getty Images

Challenge yourself to try herbs that are completely new to you. If your go-to options are basil and thyme, then try growing rosemary and tarragon instead. All your favorite soups will definitely benefit!

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6. Grow Cold Weather Crops

winter garden ideas, Brussels sprouts in winter on field covered snowxtrekx/Getty Images
Brussels sprouts in winter

If you live in a milder growing zone, you might be able to keep growing food outside year-round. For best success, grow veggie plants that can handle colder weather.

“I plant a cover crop of cereal rye alongside broccoli and Brussels sprouts,” says Mike Buckler of Ringgold, Georgia.

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7. Eat Microgreens

winter garden ideas, Harvesting microgreens using scissors at home for saladMint Images/Getty Images
Harvest microgreens at home for salads

Microgreens have been on the gardening scene for a few years. If you haven’t tried them, now is the time. Throw a handful of extra sunflower seeds (sprouting or organic) in a container. Once they sprout and have grown an inch or two, it’s time to harvest. Or try a microgreen growing kit. And remember, those little sprouts pack a punch of nutrients.

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8. Experiment With Air Plants

An air plant hanging in a glass terrarium.Shutterstock / luca85

If you haven’t tried air plants yet, you’ve been missing out. Air plants practically grow themselves because they don’t even require soil to live! They brighten up a dark space, too.

9. Try a Mushroom Growing Kit

BacktotherootsmushroomkitVia Amazon.com

Mushroom growing kits are fun winter garden ideas for the whole family. Many of the kits are small enough to keep on your countertop. Kids will love seeing the mushrooms grow—and then you can enjoy them for dinner.

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10. Don’t Forget to Water Plants in Winter

Trees and shrubs need watering until the ground freezes. “Since I live in Florida, gardening for me is a year-round activity. My main concern is watering,” says Karen Lynn of Plant City, Florida.

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