Gardening Basics

New to gardening? In the market for easy gardening tips? We’re sharing all of the gardening basics you’ll need to turn your backyard into a stunner.

Overwintering Potted Plants

Learn how to keep your favorite potted plants with these answers to the most-asked questions about overwintering.

What Are Native Plants?

When shopping at the garden center, you may ask, what are native plants? Learn how to choose them, grow them...

DIY Compost Bin

Learn how to compost, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it really is. Build this DIY compost bin and...

How to Prune

Follow these basic gardening tips when trimming trees, shrubs and vines.

Cheat Your Climate

Succeed in growing plants you “can’t” with these basic gardening tricks.

How to Root Cuttings from Plants

Learn the basics for growing new plants from cuttings, including what plants you should and should not propagate.

Free Plants

Save money in your backyard with these seven easy gardening tips.

Compost Basics: How to Get Started with Composting

Start composting with these easy gardening tips.

Basic Soil Test

Learn more about your soil with these two quick and easy at-home soil tests.

Too Many Roots? How to Fix Root Bound Plants

With the arrival of spring, it is time to start thinking about getting into the garden and adding new plants.

Wintertime Planning for Springtime Improvements

Believe it or not, by this time of year — just over one month into the New Year — nearly

Starting Seeds Using Coffee Cups, Egg Shells or Cardboard Tubes

It's easy to start seeds using recycled materials that you already have at home. Try paper coffee cups, toilet paper...

Yellow Leaves With Green Veins Means Iron Deficiency

Does your plant have new yellow leaves with green veins? Learn how to test your soil, treat iron deficiency and...

Seed Starting Tips

If you haven’t started your seeds yet, now’s the time. Follow these tips for seed starting success! It usually takes

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Why Are Cacti Covered in Spines?

What do you think of when you see a cactus plant?  Do you experience a feeling of wariness about the

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Compost bins

Yesterday a group of Girl Scouts and their leaders came over to the garden to learn about growing vegetables in