Gardening Basics

New to gardening? In the market for easy gardening tips? We’re sharing all of the gardening basics you’ll need to turn your backyard into a stunner.

The Ultimate Guide to a Dog-Friendly Backyard

Design a garden or backyard with pets in mind. A dog-friendly space keeps your furry pals safe, happy and healthy.

12 Easy Ways to Take Your Garden to the Next Level

It's simple to make a huge impact in your garden with these easy ideas.

12 Tips and Tricks for a Weed-Free Backyard

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Spring Break Nature Activities for Kids

Take advantage of time off and warmer weather to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with these nature activities...

7 Surprising Facts About Dandelions

Unexpectedly nutritious and tasty, dandelions have plenty of benefits.

6 Extraordinary Past Uses for Ordinary Plants

Travel back in time to discover unexpected uses for everyday plants.

Celebrating Women Naturalists Through History

In honor of International Women’s Day, learn more about four women naturalists and their contributions to our knowledge of birds,...

The Perfect Plant: How All-America Selections Designs New Plants

Add a wow factor to your space with award-winners designed, tried, and tested to make your garden pop.

Garden Chores for Warm Winter Days

It's not quite time to start planting, but there are still plenty of garden chores to do outside when the...

The 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Garden Containers

7 Tips for a Thriving Small-Space Garden from the National Garden Bureau.

9 Steps to Growing a Greener Backyard

Adopt earth-friendly habits and your yard (and wallet) will thank you.

8 Facts About Christmas Cactus

What do you know about this classic holiday plant?

Witches’ Butter Fungus (Tremella mesenterica)

Look for Witches' Butter after heavy rains, when it looks like bright yellow jelly emerging from dead logs.

Garden Pruning Tips: How to Become a Pruning Pro

Learn the best garden pruning tips and learn what tools you need for the job. Get your pruning work done...

Winter Dormancy and Chilling for Plants

Shivering in the cold after the unusually warm fall? Be thankful for cold weather that evokes winter dormancy and chilling...

13 Garden Remedies to Stop Doing

From using coffee grounds in soil to doubling your fertilizer for better results, here are 13 garden remedies that aren't...

The Best Public Gardens in the U.S.

From coast to coast, we've compiled a list of some of the best public gardens in the U.S. Be sure...

Gardening Basics to Keep Plants Healthy

Stack the odds in your favor by learning the gardening basics of these disease-resistant plants. They're as breathtaking as they...

Easy Garden: How to Grow Air Plants

Air plants are the newest garden trend - they don't need soil or fertilizer and are the perfect easy garden...

Healing Through Garden Therapy

Garden therapy has become a tool for learning, coping and healing for this Wisconsin woman living with cognitive disabilities.

Gardening Basics: Diagnosing Problems Looking At Leaves

The leaves of your plants give invaluable clues as to the health of your plants. Learn how to ID some...

33 Tips for Farmers Markets

This helpful farmers market guide provides you with 33 of the best tips, hints and tricks for making the most...

5 Common Mistakes In The Backyard Vegetable Garden

Thinking of growing a backyard vegetable garden? Save time and money by avoiding these simple pitfalls.

Guide to Preserving and Drying Herbs

Want to enjoy summer herbs all year long? We'll show you how with these tips and tricks on drying herbs....

How to Dry Fruit For All Seasons

Harvest seasonal fruits this summer and preserve the flavor for months! We'll show you how to dry fruit from your...

Growing Thyme Plants: Ornamental and Edible Herbs

Thyme plant isn't just a fragrant and edible herb. It is a versatile plant that adds beauty in many areas...

Basic Gardening: Research Plants Before Buying

Take a little time to research before buying a new plant is one of the gardening basics. It'll save you...

Plant Sunshine Mimosa Groundcover Instead of Grass

Replacing your grass with groundcovers, like sunshine mimosa, means less maintenance. Learn more about using groundcovers in your garden.

Gardening Made Easy: Alternative Gardening Ideas

New garden? No sweat! Skip the stress and enjoy instant success with no-dig gardens that are good to grow. Gardening...