Gardening Basics

New to gardening? In the market for easy gardening tips? We’re sharing all of the gardening basics you’ll need to turn your backyard into a stunner.

Grow Your Best Basil Ever

Use these growing tips to take on this classic kitchen favorite.

Backyard Citizen Science for Nature Lovers

Count birds, report caterpillars, plan a habitat... there's something for every nature lover to enjoy with these backyard citizen science...

How to Use Edible Flowers from Your Garden

Freshen up meals with edible flowers found in your own backyard.

9 Poisonous Plants Every Cat Owner Should Avoid

Many kitties love to nibble on plants, but there are some very toxic plants for cats. Avoid lilies, kalanchoe and...

Will My Daffodils Bloom This Spring? // Ask the Garden Expert

The garden expert talks daffodils, which trees to prune in winter, and more!

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Month-by-Month Gardening Resolutions

Your yard will have its best year yet when you set and keep these month-by-month gardening resolutions!

7 Surprising Facts About Winter Holiday Plants

Get in a festive mood with these surprising facts about your favorite holiday plants, like Christmas cactus, amaryllis and poinsettia.

How to Grow Your Own Tea At Home

Put the kettle on and brew a one-of-a-kind blend by growing your own tea plants.

Ask the Garden Expert: Is It OK to Use Rubber Mulch?

Our garden expert talks using rubber mulch in the garden, identifies mystery plants, and more!

7 Amazing Facts About Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants grow in wetlands where nutrients are scarce, so they turn to living creatures for their food.

How Plant Zones Work and How to Find Yours

Plants are happiest in their comfort zone. For a healthy and productive garden, be sure to grow plants that are...

The Ultimate Guide to a Dog-Friendly Backyard

Design a garden or backyard with pets in mind. A dog-friendly space keeps your furry pals safe, happy and healthy.

12 Easy Ways to Take Your Garden to the Next Level

It's simple to make a huge impact in your garden with these easy ideas.

12 Ways to Win the War on Weeds

Arm yourself with a favorite tool and use these fresh ideas to say goodbye to unwanted plants.

8 Heartfelt Gardening Memories with Mom

Birds & Blooms readers recount their favorite memories of gardening with Mom or Grandma in the backyard.

Spring Break Nature Activities for Kids

Take advantage of time off and warmer weather to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with these nature activities...

7 Surprising Facts About Dandelions

Unexpectedly nutritious and tasty, dandelions have plenty of benefits.

6 Extraordinary Past Uses for Ordinary Plants

Travel back in time to discover unexpected uses for everyday plants.

Celebrating Women Naturalists Through History

In honor of International Women’s Day, learn more about four women naturalists and their contributions to our knowledge of birds,...

The Perfect Plant: How All-America Selections Designs New Plants

Add a wow factor to your space with award-winners designed, tried, and tested to make your garden pop.

Garden Chores for Warm Winter Days

It's not quite time to start planting, but there are still plenty of garden chores to do outside when the...

The 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Garden Containers

7 Tips for a Thriving Small-Space Garden from the National Garden Bureau.

9 Steps to Growing a Greener Backyard

Adopt earth-friendly habits and your yard (and wallet) will thank you.

6 Ways Green Thumbs Can Thrive in Winter

Keep calm and garden on, no matter the weather!

Winter Gardening Activities

Wishing you could get your hands in the dirt again? Try these winter gardening activities to keep you warm until...

The 6 Most Common Plant Problems

The plant doctor is in!

8 Facts About Christmas Cactus

What do you know about this classic holiday plant?