10 Backyard Garden Sheds Cute Enough to Live In

Updated: Feb. 18, 2021

Love gardening, crafting and decorating? You'll be inspired by these simply charming, cute sheds and want to design your own backyard retreat.

garden shed
Courtesy Lynn Robson

She Shed

Lynn Robson of Niles, Michigan, rescued an abandoned, whitewashed chicken coop and turned it into an amazing outdoor gathering place for her family.  “We have a porch on which to ponder the meandering creek and listen to the sounds of the night. Our cute shed is a peaceful place,” Robson says. Check out 10 household items you should repurpose in the garden.

garden shed
Courtesy Jerelyn McKinley

Little Red Barn

“Years ago, I discovered my husband, Dave, prefers time at home over vacationing to faraway places. And thus began the transformation of our gardens into our own country getaway,” says Jerelyn McKinley. “Dave brought home the potting shed from his family’s farm. After a little work, and some adding on, it became not only a practical place for my gardening tools, but to our delight, a favorite spot for children to play. Our granddaughters don homemade prairie dresses and spend countless hours homesteading there.” Learn how to make a DIY potting station from an old dresser.

cute sheds
Courtesy Ginette Randall

The Bird House

“We have a small renovated 1850s log home. One of the outbuildings is a shed that the previous owners used for tractor storage. It was filthy, run-down, and reeked of oil and gasoline,” says Ginette Randall of Woodstock, Ontario. “We decided to turn it into my she-shed, which I christened The Bird House. There is a small loft space above the main room where I can draw and paint in complete privacy. For reading, napping and sipping wine in the main room, my handy husband built a hanging daybed, which I decorated with comfy owl-themed cushions. Today, my Bird House cabin is a bright, airy, cozy space.” Love garden projects? Here’s how to turn a birdbath into a mini fairy garden.

garden shed
Courtesy Jolie Raimondo

Floral Fantasy

“When I was little, the garden was whatever my imagination wanted it to be. From a tropical forest, to an outdoor studio for my personal cooking show, the garden fueled my fun. I am older now, and my imagination works in different ways, but the garden has not lost its fantastical feeling for me,” says Jolie Raimondo of Waverly, Minnesota. Check out the top 10 year-round perennials for your garden.

Courtesy Virginia Rathert Zetterberg

Cute Potting Shed

Virginia Rathert Zetterberg of Jefferson, Maryland, uses her potting shed as a place to reflect and make memories. She and her husband built the cute shed in 2009. They incorporated many recycled elements, including a front door from a friend’s house and windows from a garage sale. Check out more creative recycled garden ideas.

garden shed
Courtesy Marisa Dosser

Hen House

When Mendie and Frankie Waller retired, they moved 30 miles outside Austin, Texas. Now they use their land to garden. Mendy’s Hen House is a cute shed that holds crafting supplies and serves as a gathering place for friends. Even newbie crafters can make this easy DIY teacup bird feeder.

Perennial Paradise

“When I moved to my new home 13 years ago I only had a knowledge of taking care of houseplants. I wanted to learn how to grow perennials. This whole area was very overgrown with weeds and brush. I removed it all, created a small flower bed and planted some daffodils and hyacinths. To my delight it did well,” says Donna Cohen. “The next year I created a gigantic flower bed. There is always something blooming, from spring until fall. This is my happy place.” Psst—here’s how to to plant a butterfly garden.

garden shed
Courtesy Mary Chinnici

Peace By the Pond

Our yard is our sanctuary. We sit by our pond every day, often sipping a glass of wine, enjoying the soothing sound of water and the fish swimming around,” says Mary Chinnici of Neptune, New Jersey. “We also enjoy the wildlife and have various bird feeders, birdbaths, flowers and shrubs to attract them.” Learn how to make a DIY miniature pond for small spaces.

garden shed
Courtesy Rhoda McVey

Backyard Artistry

“Since I can see this cute shed from my kitchen window, I decided to paint it. I usually just do a painted scene from year to year but this time I painted the whole back side and wrote a verse on the window,” says Rhoda McVey of Rogers, Arkansas. “There’s a retirement center right behind my house. Some of the residents came out of their apartments to see it so I made some new friends.”

garden shed
Courtesy LInda McClarigan

Restful Retreat

“My cute potting shed and surrounding pathway gardens are all zone 3 and 4 plants that fit within the Adirondack Park. It attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and tourists,” says Linda McClarigan of Malone, New York. Regardless of your growing zone, you can plant these colorful annual flowers to attract hummingbirds.

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