Too Many Roots? How to Fix a Root Bound Plant

Updated: Apr. 20, 2022

Find out how to tell if you have a root bound plant. Also find out how to easily fix this problem and how to repot a root bound plant.

root bound plant, repotting plant. aloe vera with roots in ground repot to bigger clay pot indoors. care of plants. succulent on wooden background. gardening conceptBogdan Kurylo/Getty Images
This aloe vera plant needs to be repotted in a bigger container.

With the arrival of spring, it is time to start thinking about getting into the garden and adding new plants. Each time I remove a plant from its container, I am looking for circling roots, which is the classic sign of a root bound plant. Find out how to fix this problem and repot a plant.

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How Does a Plant Become Root Bound?

root bound plantsNoelle Johnson

Plants become root bound (also called ‘pot bound’) when they outgrow their container and aren’t repotted in a larger one. So, their roots grow around and around, which halts growth. My new lavender plant (above) had circling roots. You can see how the roots grew in a circular pattern.

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Signs of a Root Bound Plant

  • Slow or no new growth.
  • Roots growing out of the drainage hole.
  • Plants that have been in the nursery too long without being repotted.

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How to Fix a Root Bound Plant

root bound plantsNoelle Johnson

The solution is very simple. Cut the roots.

  • Make numerous downward cuts so that the circular roots are cut. This forces the roots to grow outward when they are replanted.
  • Remove any brown or black roots, which are most likely dead. Keep the white roots, which are alive.
  • ‘Massage’ the root ball of your plant, which will help loosen the roots even more.

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Repot a Root Bound Plant

root bound plantsNoelle Johnson

Replant your plant and its freed roots in a larger pot or in the ground. The newly cut roots will grow outward and your plant will start growing again. That’s all there is to fixing a root bound plant.

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I love it when gardening problems are easy to fix, don’t you?

Note: Be cautious when a garden center has a ‘special’ sale on plants. Sometimes they do this to get rid of plants that have been in their pots for too long rather than having to repot them.

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