16 Pictures of Tulips to Make You Dream of Spring

Updated: Nov. 08, 2022

Appreciate tulips' stunning beauty with our roundup of pictures of tulips. See tulips in the rain, unique tulips and even tulips with birds!

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Courtesy Danica Mitchell

Colorful Pictures of Tulips

“I took many pictures of tulips during a past trip to a local bulb farm. The pink and golden orange hues remind me of a beautiful sunset,” says Birds & Blooms reader Danica Mitchell.

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Courtesy Doug Thomas

Bird Resting on a Tulip

“One cold, rainy spring day I looked out my kitchen window and saw this bird sitting on the tulips in the backyard. I grabbed my camera and lens and headed outside. When I made my way around the house, it surprised me that it was still there. I took a couple shots, and it popped his head up and looked at me, but it didn’t leave. After a couple more pictures, I quietly left and went back inside. The bird left after the rain stopped,” says Doug Thomas.

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252882517 1 Corrie Carswell Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Corrie Carswell

Surprising Striped Tulip

“This tulip was a happy accident! It must have been mixed in with the other colors I planted. I wasn’t expecting this beautiful striped variety, but I definitely wasn’t complaining!” says Corrie Carswell.

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275286679 1 Maureen Dwyer Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Maureen Dwyer

Cabanna Parrot Tulips

“I’d never seen a Cabanna Parrot tulip before and felt amazed at its beauty and colors. I wish I had this tulip in my own garden. I took this photo on a May morning at one of my most favorite nearby gardens, Chanticleer Gardens in St. Davids, Pennsylvania,” says Maureen Dwyer.

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275958080 1 Anthony Fajkus Bnb Bypc 2021 1
Courtesy Anthony Fajkus

Rainy Pictures of Tulips

“My wife and I were walking through Pella, Iowa, after a rain and looking at tulips. This one really caught our eye. Its two-toned color and feathery edges were just beautiful. It also has water droplets on the petals, which the rain left behind,” says Anthony Fajkus.

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252870398 1 Randy Samuels Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Randy Samuels

Tulips Leaning on Each Other

“I often enjoy taking images in local gardens. In this case, I visited Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit, New Jersey. I took this image one late April morning after a particularly strong rainstorm the night before. The way the two flowers seemed to cling to and support each other immediately fascinated me; I felt they did this to survive the storm. To me, the image brings to mind times in life I have needed support from others,” says Randy Samuels.

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277247421 1 Ross Waitt Bnb Bypc 2021, pictures of tulips
Courtesy Ross Waitt

Tulips Are a Sign of Spring

“This photo was taken in spring 2021. I’d never planted tulips before, so I mixed together a bunch of Darwin hybrid tulip bulbs and planted them in front of my house the prior autumn. Starting in late February, I’d check on their progress every day, wondering what colors they were. In April, I was finally treated to an explosion of pinks, oranges, purples. It was a sign that winter was finally over!” says Ross Waitt.

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Bnbbyc16 Blair Celano 001, pictures of tulips
Courtesy Blair Celano

Dare to Be Different Tulip

“Holland, Michigan, has a tulip festival every spring. I went there with an idea to get a tulip that jumped out from the others. After a thorough search, I found this purple tulip that pops from the white tulips. I titled it, ‘Stand out in a Crowd.’ People don’t need to be afraid to be different,” says Blair Celano.

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Bnbbyc16 Kristy Moxley 001, pictures of tulips
Courtesy Kristy Moxley

Many Colorful Tulips

“I captured this photo while on a trip to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, to watch our son in a tennis tournament. The blooms were tulips and azaleas, planted in several areas throughout,” says Kristy Moxley.

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Bnbbyc17 Ariel Wolford, pictures of tulips
Courtesy Ariel Wolford

Mother’s Day Pictures of Tulips

“I took this photo in late April in my mother’s garden. Gardening is her favorite hobby, and she’s enjoyed it for decades. While I, unfortunately, don’t have her talent with plants, I was happy to capture some photographs of them for her. She had asked that I stop by to see her tulips at their peak, and later I surprised her by enlarging a few of the photos and framing them for her for Mother’s Day. I love this one especially, because of the dreamlike quality to it and the little bugs flying nearby,” says Ariel Wolford.

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Bnbbyc17 Becky Ross Mcrae 1
Courtesy Becky Ross

A Fiery Glowing Tulip

“I call this picture ‘Tulip on Fire’ because it’s such an unusual shot of a tulip. From the angle of the shot to the stunning light factor, this photograph is unique. The sunlight came from above, so I had to get on the ground and shoot upward to achieve this effect,” says Becky Ross McRae.

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Bnbbyc17 Linda Duenow 2, pictures of tulips
Courtesy Linda Duenow

Sparkling Garden Jewel

“We visited the Tulip Fields in Mount Vernon, Washington. I came across this beautiful tulip. I love white flowers in gardens, so I took pictures of the tulips. We ordered a few bulbs to put in our garden. When I look at the white tulip it is breathtaking; a crown jewel in the garden,” says Linda Duenow.

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Bnbbyc18 Lindsay Schoenberger1, pictures of tulips
Courtesy Lindsay Schoenberger

A Cluster of Vibrant Tulips

I took this photo at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in the spring. I love the colors in these tulips,” says Lindsay Schoenberger.

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Bnbbyc19 Anna Applegate
Courtesy Anna Applegate

Unusual Perspective

“This color of tulips has continued to bloom every spring since we purchased our house from my grandparents. It has been over 20 years now, and I still love the beautiful design that is created when photographing an open tulip. The photo comes from my garden, which was my grandmother’s garden for more than 65 years,” says Anna Applegate.

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Bnbbyc19 Cynthia Phillips
Courtesy Cynthia Phillips

The Delight of Mystery Tulips

“We moved across the country to Virginia last summer. In fall I planted a lot of bulbs, not knowing what would come up. It delighted us to see yellow tulips in the spring, which looked even prettier after a lovely rain shower,” says Cynthia Phillips.

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Bnbbyc19 Karla Salp 1
Courtesy Karla Salp

Pink Tulips in the Breeze

“I took beautiful pictures of tulips blowing in the wind while I was visiting the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington State,” says Karla Salp.

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