Award-Winning Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower Dazzles

Updated: Jul. 11, 2023

Looking to add lots of color to your garden? Look no further than easy-to-grow Cheyenne Spirit coneflower, a pollinator favorite.

When you think about coneflowers, you probably think about the delightful purple blossoms that birds and butterflies love. While that’s not incorrect—purple coneflowers are beloved for many reasons, including their hardiness—you might be surprised to learn there are other types of coneflowers that aren’t only purple. Cheyenne Spirit coneflower is one of them. Here’s everything you should know about this unique perennial.

Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower Care

cheyenne spirit coneflowerCourtesy Dennis Bucher
Red admiral butterfly on Cheyenne Spirit coneflower

Scientific name: Echinacea x hybrida
Growing zones: 4 to 9
Attracts: Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds
Light needs: Full sun
Size: 2 feet tall

Like most coneflowers, Cheyenne Spirit is winter hardy and doesn’t require an abundance of maintenance. Plant the flowers in well-draining soil, and keep removing spent blooms as the season progresses (psst—leave a few standing for birds to snack on the seeds). Water when necessary, but don’t overwater—coneflowers easily endure periods of drought.

Their main blooming season occurs from spring through summer, although some may continue to bloom into fall. Gardeners don’t need to be concerned about many specific disease issues (here’s how to spot aster yellows disease), and garden pests tend to stay away from these plants.

Prairie coneflower thrives in hot, sunny spots.

Benefits of Growing Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower

cheyenne spirit coneflowerAll-America Selections
Cheyenne spirit coneflower will fill your garden beds with color.

Most gardeners grow Cheyenne Spirit coneflower because of its variety of gorgeous hues. This species of coneflower features a mix of red, pink, orange, yellow, cream, white and yes, even purple blooms, so it’s perfect for livening up a less-interesting spot in your yard. These coneflowers are so popular that they won the All-American Selections Gold Medal Award in 2013. In addition, they are excellent flowers for a cutting garden.

Coneflowers are a pollinator favorite, and Cheyenne Spirit is no exception. Adding this plant to your yard will bring in bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, all of which are drawn to the delightful blooms. You can grow them from seed, but you’ll likely find plants at your local garden center.

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